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Monday, November 17, 2008

Yo, Spag-tea Bun-neh here!

Heeeeeyyyyy guys! I'm heeerrreeee!!

Yeah, so Izumi's right, with alll the wailing toddlers in the mall that deafen you across the mall.
I absolutely hate babies, except my little cousin Sharon, who recently turned 3 and is very cute.

Izumi! You're so mean!!!!!! I love to gaily skip around like a singing maniac! Anyway, your apology is accepted if you give me that miniature Harpy that eats the Jonas Brothers' liver out and the tiny guillotine. Or that best-selling Tickle-Me-Wang...

Oh yeah, readers, you don't know about our Tickle-Me toys, so let me explain.

Tickle-Me-Prissy is Sunshine, and she steals yo' monay foo'!

Tickle-Me-Nickle is the most boring of the Toys and only says "I hate you all" and does the blah-blah duck-hand thing. if you call to him, make sure you call him "Nickel", not "Nicholas", or he doesn't respond.

Can-Can Wang (me)does the can-can and also steals yo' monay!

Tickle-Me-Wang (Izumi)is the most famous, as violent children squeal in delight as Tickle-Me-Wang chops off Barbie's head! Mom never has to cry cutting onions ever again! Felt buttering knife can be replaced in order to do so.

All right! *claps hands together* That's the grand tour of one of your typical XXYYZ-I stores!


(Spaghetti.Bunny is absent right now and will shortly return after the mutant radioactive brain-eating blobs stop trying to suck out her brain. Technical difficulties, please wait...)

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