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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

19 phone calls. OI!

Okay i jsut felt like sharing. Please read toast's post titled "story" bc i keep filling up sporks with my uselesness ya'll dont care about on here.

Back on topic, I return to my room and check my phone (i check it obsessively) and i see like "17 missed calls, 9 new messages" or something. And they were all from 1 person!

It was quite funny. He needed to see if i was going to a showcase so I could take a pic for him, but I didnt go.

Anyways, I also got 7 txt messages from him. SO my messages on phone were like:
"Hey sunshine (but my real name) Its (insert name ehre) I need you to call me back SOON! Its urgents blahblah" by the 16th time he was all "THis is lyk the 1 billionth time ive called you. I've memorized your voice mail. Now siriusly, call me back. its urgent. you need to call me its urgent!" it was quite hilarious! Except for the fact it took me forever to listen to all the messages.
And yes, chipmunk, Ill probably try temporary hair dye this year.

For thsoe of u who know me, this is the guy ill hold hands with at the ceremony. ROAROROOR!!


notice, ive gotten alot darker lately.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Uh, spam.
Not that I like it though.
So yah, only two people said that they wanted to read my story as a bunch of posts! I won't post the story yet because only two people said that they wanted to read it. Many many thanks to Sunshine and Muse. Keep them coming, people!
So turns out, I can't just copy and paste or else it will end up as and html and will have some error with the code or something. So I need a lot of time to type it. And I will post one thing at a time. (e.g. the character info and notes, then chapter by chapter.)
Yah, so Sunshine is lonely that no one really reads Polished With Dust, so read it!
Recycle over there on Earth. Your Earth was one of the most blessed planets in space, but now it seems as though it is the most cursed! You silly humans just kept polluting Earth, and so now Planet XXYYZ-I is visiting and helping you humans over there as to restore Earth's former glory. So yah. We XXYYZ-I dwellers are very lazy sometimes, so please help yourselves. You might die of so much pollution on your planet. So the next time you throw away something, think about it. Is it recycleable or not? Can I decompose this to make compost? You're just slowly committing suicide if you keep throwing stuff away.
Well, Dancing Toast is gonna go now, the shuttle leaves in half an hour to Earth, and Toast needs to go lecture more people on Earth! Toast lives so far away from those shuttles ports.
Well buh-bye!♥

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Did I do that?

Sorry toast, but I was the one who voted spam.

I haven't posted here in forever. Who missed me??
I've been preparing for alot of stuff on polished with dust.
ANDD(Hikari you better post on this) Mumsy agreed to the hair streaks ive been trying to bring up for a while. If I get straight A's next year. Or at least, Really good grades.
The story goes..

Every time I bring up red hair mum and sis think I'm crazy, but whatever. So , for the longets time I've been talking about a red streak, but whenever i bring it up, Mum's phone rings, or someone asks us a question, or my phone rings, or something happens to get me distracted so that I never remember to bring it up!
It kinda sucks, but we will try temporary hair dye during summer to see how it looks!

Toasty, I wanna see ur story. Im writing a book. Ur sister knows about that. She's read most of what I have written.
I HATE writing the beginning though. Because it takes forever to meet my awesome characters.

Me and Hikari, Hikari and I, are working on a parody of Twilight. You've prob. heard about it on PWD. If you haven't, then why haven't you? WHy dont you read PWD? Is my awesome just too awesome for you?


Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm a braceface!

I'm a braceface!
Woot! Not really though!
So yeah, as you have seen in Hikari's post of "Braces", she stated that we got braces on the 21st, Tuesday. I don't like them. They make me talk funny and it still hurts to chew, so I just have to dissect everything and swallow it. When that hurts-to-chew issue stops, I'll be one pretty good swallower. So yeah.
All new followers! Heed my call! Read the oldest posts until the newest posts or else you won't know what we're talking about!
Oh yes, and I haff made a story. If anyone wants to read it, just comment.
So anyway!
Sporks are useless! Like my ring fingers! Like braces that won't work until two years! Like spam!
Speaking of spam, WHO VOTED ON MY POLL THAT THEY LIKED SPAM BETTER??!!!!Dancing toast is obviously better than spam. It comes in different shapes and sizes! You can spread anything on it! Butter! Cream cheese! Peanut butter (no offense to those who are allergic to peanut butter, and I also say this to anger my friend at school. We call her Peanut Butter.)! Jelly! Jam (I don't see what's the difference.)! And if you're disgusting like my dad, who like to mix random/yucky stuff together, ANYTHING!
While spam is just canned ham. Sorry (but not really) to those who love spam.
I hate Twi-tards. They're Twilight fangirls who have no idea why Twilight is so stupid. And although I hate Twilight, I like "The Host" by the sme author, Stephanie Meyer.
So anyhoos, Dancing Toast's report is finished!
I'm OUT! ♪♫☼☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○◙♂♀►◄↕¶§▬↑↓→←∟↔▲▼

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spam, Dancing Toast, and Suicidal Blogs


How sad.
So yeh, PWD is quite emo at the moment. I needa go change the opening song soon.

there is a slight battle between dancing toast and spam. Well the amazing Sunshine has come to settle that battle by combining the two and making Dancing Spam.


"I'm off to post on the emo
The wonderful emo of blogs!"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Uh, spam.

Yeah, I read comments on Tragedies's Epic Phail blog(or so I think), and the person ate spam. Isn't it gross though?
We got a new blender. It cost more than an Ipod, which is strange, since it's just a blender. well, just a blender that can do almost anything, like dice things up, make ice cream, and make soup. But who needs to chop things up with a blender? I'm thinking lazy people...*cough me cough*
So, my teeth are getting really bad, and so I am getting braces. I really don't care, as long as my teeth get straight. I'm not those type of people who freak out about getting braces.
Today was a relatively good day. I missed part of school because I went to the dentist. But I didn't get to miss science, the teacher is so stupid. But we did practically nothing, so yeah.
But I'm really hungry and I need to go do my homework, so I'll just stop now.
Don't be surprised when you see my profile, I just changed stuff on it, no big deal. I think I come up with the most random names ever. If you want me to think of a strange name for you, just comment, and I'll think of something.
Dancing toast rocks, okay? I don't care what you say! XP

Friday, April 10, 2009


I am in desperate need of toast.
I swear! I started to download images of toast! And cats, but that's beside the point. We even have honey and blackberry jam to put on the nonexistent bread!
Wow, this bloggeh is rather lonely. And crowded, I'm surprised...We just post for the very little readers that we have.
By the way! Hikari and I are back from the Smokies! Y'know, the Smoky Mountains, right? I mean, it's on Earth...
Sorry Sunshine, we couldn't post on a horse, now could we? We went horseback riding for the first time...if anyone cares...I fell off my horse trying to get off it.
I love alt codes!
Lookit! it's my name!→§p▲gh3††í BunnŸ (some of it was supposed to be some other cool symbols, but I guess it doesn't work here...)
Wow this was a lame post.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I posted twice in one day!
Make sure u read my last post because i rly want opinions on the DIRT movie.

Well, most of my friends are obsessed with Manga/anime or whatever, and im the dork who has no clue what's going on!! And the only three things im majorly obsessed with are Harry Potter, VlogBrothers, and Naked Brothers Band.

So I really need to find an obsession.
I realize I am the lamest poster here on SPORKS because I never really do anything funny, however just post about my lazy legs and Post about things im going to post about but never really post about, but i need something to freak out over!!! Plus, I'd like to see how many sporkfollowers can actually suggest things I might like considering you all like hikari and spaghetti better.
Oh don't try to hide it, I know. Sunshine always knows.
SO yupp, random obsessions i can freak out over. Ill prob. only love them for about a week if i like them at all, but how well do you know me and what can I do so i don't freak out over nothing!

I already love fanfiction and stuff so don't suggest that. But i need another fangirly obsession so I can become QUEEN of the fangirls if I'm not already.

Please dont suggest the dark is rising or choking myself in pockets.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Wellpp, Waterless soap, fyi, is NOT sanitizer however soap that does not need water to accompany it. It is nasty, gross, and icky. Never use it. Especially at media centers in sunshine's school.


Onto losing balance...
I had to turn in a paper today, and my leg was fully asleep. But I didn't know the consequences of walking with a sleepy leg. NOTE: My leg is the laziest thing on Earth. It sleeps most of the day. So i get up and put my lazi right elg out and almost fall flat on my face. My leg felt like it weighed 200 pounds just kinda wobbled its way to the desk. I faked like I was in pain because I could barely walk. It was the awkwardest thing in the world.
My hands and arms have fallen asleep too. Let's just say my body is sleep and move on.

(inspired by vlogbrothers)
They Might Be Giants In Your Hair
Boys like Girls In Your Hair
Bowling For Soup In Your Hair
"There's a" Tokyo Hotel In Your Hair