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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's Wednesday? Already??

^wow. I don't really want to post because I've got two days to name, url, and design, and create my new blog project.^
Okay so url
starfleetbeammeup or neverletgojack
PLEASE HELP ME!! Choose what the url should be by the 31rst!!
Anywhom... Imma post a story my good friend at sporkdork wrote. So, once again I DID NOT WRITE THIS!
"yeah i dunno;but i've decided i wanna tell a story.
once there was a man named Joey Lu and he was like a pixie
thingie. He was the size of a thumble. He lived in a house
with a crazy physco human man, who squishes people to death,
his name was Moe. One day moe got fed up with Joey Lu being
the bum he is, and eating all his watermelons, so Moe got a
plan of action. Moe pretended to be innocently walking around
with a cardboard box full of bricks; nothing wrong with this
picture, right kids? so Joey Lu was busy doing a little dance, and he looked like
this; co/~<. (look at it sideways. its like, cinderella dancing. co>~<)
until...Moe ran up with his box-o'-bricks, and squished Joey Lu with it,
Joey Lu was lucky tho, cuz his grave said "Last seen dancing up a storm in the physco Moe's house."
& who wouldn't want their grave to say that??
the end"
ain't that beautiful, it saved me a butt load of time. THANKS ANNAM.

Monday, December 28, 2009

You are safe in my heart

^and, my heart will go on and on~^
I just finished watching Titanic with my buddyfriend who got me a bobble head of Jack Skellington. it's pretty scary, but epic.
The movie Titanic is the best movie I have ever seen. Ever. My buddyfriend agrees with me.
So, i never have anything to type about anymore...
So what about Nick Jonas and his solo act? Seriously, the JB is cool because they're the Jonas Brothers! Come on..
And about Balloon boy's parents going to jail?
Uhg...~~~squiggle. That's my fav key on the ekyboard.
So I'm all calm and depressed from watching Titanic so Imma leave.
Ciao For Now~

Friday, December 25, 2009


^yeah, happy^
It seems to be that the word happy is lost during the Christmas time because everyone says merry Xmas. I don't know why, i don't know if its a religious thing, i dont know how the tradition started but it is. So I'm breaking it and saying Happy Christmas. I challenge ya'll (dangit, i said ya'll) to text/call/scream at/shout at/sing at etc. one person and say "Happy Christmas". Cuz were bringing happy back, the other words don't know how to act.
Anyways, comment your opinions on my new conceded sporks look. I hope ya'll enjoy.
I'm off to eat breakfast cuz my stomach is eating itself and it kind of hurts.
Ciao for Now!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shut up and look at the gumbo!

From Princess and the Frog: awesome movie!!

I have everything I want right now!! Time! And the Tsubasa art book and strawberry chapstick... The list could go on! But, most importantly, time!!!! ♥ ♥

I'm also going to Europe! So I have thick, fuzzy socks, and boots. Fuzzy socks! And where I am right now, it's finally cold! It's never cold here! HAPPYHAPPYJOYJOY repeat x1000

LALALALA, oh and sorry about not posting when I should've.
RANDOM FACT: The most common name in the world is Mohammed.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Jacket Crinkles!

EDIT BY SUN: READ THAT POLL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
OK, so I tripped on Sunshine's foot last Wednesday, and I got a whole bunch of painful scrapes, so I always have to sit out during P.E. And I have the earliest lunch available, A lunch. It's like a second breakfast, so I'm hungry at the end of the day. So I save some chips from lunch and eat them while sitting out. But I'm assuming that you're not allowed to eat outside, so I always hide it in my jacket. Thus, the title.
Random fact:111,111,111 x 111,111,111=12,345,678,987,654,321. Isn't that so weird??
I LOVE CANDY CANES. I'm like a druggy who's addicted to drugs, but instead of drugs, I'm addicted to (peppermint) candy canes. Also, Walgreens sell these really yummy watermelon candy canes. I wanna go buy some.
Anyhoos, I dunno if I told you before but, I gave up on making a huge long epic story. I am satisfied with just being a comic artist, if I can.
I dunno what else to say, so Sunshine can edit stuff in for me! BYE
EDIT: Sunny here! Its my goal to edit everyone's post this week. 'sept i've got nothing to say...And thats all I got to say, can't think of a better way, and that's all I got to say, I love you is that okay? DO YA'LL remember that song? Natasha Bedingfield is amazing. oh oh listen to this song i quote it all the time, but nobody ever understand it. * TEARS* comment either on this post or on PWD. yeah i know the song sucks, but i like it. (coughbetterthantiktiokcough)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Random fact: There's a higher chance of you getting struck by lightning, TWICE, than you winning the Lottery.
Sorry I couldn't post, you guys!
But I'll tell you a joke:What's red that smells blue paint??
Red paint!♥☺
So my family and relatives are singing Chinese Karaoke, and it is NOT good, AT ALL. In fact, my ears are just about ready to bleed, and that's through a closed door.
Eye no, write?
Well sorry for the short post, I needa go nao!See ya later!

Friday, December 4, 2009

It hurts so bad!

Home sick with awful sore throat. I can't speak. If i try, it comes out like a feeble, dying, whispering version of dumbledore.
We think I have laryngitis.
I can't bother to post, Sorry!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Hey it's cousin marti!

randomfact: New Moon is Ranked nubmer 3 for US opening highest grossing films.
Sunshine here, and gosh I have an interesting story.
So people right? Yeah, totally. THEY ARE WEIRD. And people with phones are even weirder.
Especially wrong numbers or prank calls. But what about wrong number texts?? you don't know whose speaking!!!
That happened to me on Thanksgiving.
i got two texts from numbers not on my contacts saying happy thanksgiving. So the first time i said "A bunch of contacts on my phone got deleted. how do u spell ur name" and she was my friend and she was like "Kim. duh" so i seem dumb.
And secondly, i was watching Twilight with my sister when the second Happythxgiving text comes. and when i say the same thing she says "Luv u! it's Tica or cousin Marti!"
So my loving sister decides to grab my phone and texts "Dude you have wrong number! This is Adam Sandler!"
She never replied. Perhaps she's a Jim Carrey fan? gahhh.
I'll never look at Adam Sandler the same way again.
I hope I don't get spam from her friends saying "We love you adam!!"

This is HIkari editting in: Toast and I- Thanksgiving cruise. Don't expect us back soon.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Not rly tho.

Enough with the internet-speak. So, I have nothing to post about except that I'm going on a cruise for Thanksgiving!! Who else is going to "skip school on Thursday/Friday to see New Moon"? XD
Random Fact: There is a real place called Poop Creek. It's in Oregon. ♥
Does anyone other than myself absolutely and positively despise math? My dad was teaching me square roots for this learning company's homework (as if I don't have enough to do anyway) and he was all "Nooo Hikari, square roots are fun. You've come to an extremely interesting part of mathematics." And was like, nooooo it's not. And-ha-my-nooo-is-longer-than-yours-daddo. Yahh.

I'm tired. And tea kept me awake for like, and hour last night. So I'm like, even more tired than usual. But I still love tea. Other warm drinks to enjoy are: milk+honey and hot chocolate, but not together, eww. By the way, milk and sugar in tea is only good in like, English tea. Asian tea: not so much. It's more like a eww-get-those-things-away-from-my-cup kind of thing than an acquired taste. You'd probably would drag your tongue across sand to get the taste out, although I've never tried it myself. But even so, a lot of people say Asian tea is not something to have milk added into it. Sugar is alright.

By the way, Sunshine says my posts are boring. Can anyone tell me how I can improve?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Soapy sausages!

^Don't ask^
Random fact: All people a long long time ago could rite however they wonted to becuz there was Inglish, but no perminant language (e.g. you could write "write" as "rite" and "bought" as "bot"and so on.). So Mr. Webster came along and said, "Heer. You kin has dictionary nao, this is how it's spelled, k thanx bai." This is why I spelled wrong in this paragraph. So that's why my Webster's dictionary is so accurate!
So sorry about not posting for a long time, I had a lot of homework some days, including my posting days. >.<" -bows- Apparently people are making a movie on The Lightning Thief, and failed at producing an Artemis Fowl movie. Speaking of movies, we bought Up today!♥ It's so cute!!! And a Disney 365 person was with the voice actor for Dug, and they did the funniest thing ever. They took a real Golden Retriever and attached the dog collar from Up with a speaker on it. They put the dog, along with a whole bunch of hidden cameras into a park. Then they hid someplace and the voice actor for Dug spoke into a microphone in Dug's voice, so all the kids in the park were all like, "Mommy, look! It's Dug!"
Also, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are so famous from Twilight, right? So they tour all around the world. And they went to this random city in Canada, where they didn't welcome hoods because that apparently meant that you would mug someone. So Robert Pattinson did an experiment. He put on a hood and kinda twitched his whole body. Everyone moved to the other side of the street. Psh. Hikari told me the story from Time magazine.
(If you must know about the title, my mom was soaking sausage so she could peel their skin off for the meat inside. She washed a take-out container and rinsed it, but the sausages were in the sink, so a little soap got in the sausage water, hence, the title.)
Well this post was long. Hope you're satisfied. Bye bye you guys!♥
(P.S., are all the Spork Followers girls?)

Friday, November 13, 2009

New Sporks Blogger? YOU CHOOSE!

OKay, so here's our plan.
It's kind of tough blogging once a week because of schedules and because it forces us to come up with things to talk about instead of just freely sharing stories. So instead of posting every week we're thinking of this.
1 week, hikari and toast will post. Then the next week, Me and random other will post. And it will continue on like that.
do ya'll want to see a prep
another nerd
a fierce girl
a guy
or I<3wonwon?? WHAT DO YOU WANT? I'll set up a poll for ya'll to vote to see who you'd like to see on sporks, and if you even like this. PS, i think this means that each individual would only be seen on sporks TWICE A MONTH.
~sun (ps. sporks raised 780 grains of rice)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Watch me, you~ Crank dat soulja boy

^lets not and say we did^
So its kind of late and I dont want to think, so imma do a 10 scary facts about me thing. I CHALLENGE ALL WHO READ THIS TO COMMENT OR POST ON THEIR BLOG 10 SCARY THINGS ABOUT THEM
1. I like old Hilary Duff music (im wakin up to the beat of my heart!)
2. I'm eating Strawberry ice cream out of the carton (because Im BIG I'm BAD you know it.)
3.I like the Naked Brothers Band (alot.)
4. Last night i watched hannah montana and laughed 3 times.
5. I OWN A HANNAH MONTANA WIG (im unusual, not so typical, way too nerd to be cool you know, Manga reading, Starfleet training, i could fix the prob with ur comp, i might even be a Popstar)
6. I was once a prep.
7. I own 3 Twilight posters
8. When I was in Kindergarten I wanted to be a pianist (and artist. lol.) My parents bought me a keyboard (average $300). I didn't learn to play it till 5 years later.
9.I have a habit of biting, ripping, or peeling off my skin.
10. You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back.
11. Where there is love, I'll be there.
12. I totally just broke the 10 scary things rule

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Grim Grinning Ghosts coming Out to Socialize

^ you wish. instead its sunshine^
No comments on toast's post? Come on, guys!
Anyways I'm not posting anything full, just saying
what will you be doing tonight?


Friday, October 23, 2009

"Where is the love?"
Useless FACT:Leonardo DiCaprio appeared on the educational children's program "Romper Room" when he was three years old.
WHERE IS THE LOVE: With all this crud happening in the world, the internet makes a huge difference. SO, everyone reading this post, EVERYONE, is to go to and i want you to answer at least 10 questions(100 grains). or as many as you have time for. Then, Comment and tell me how many grains of rice you donated and I'll calculate it at the end of the week. if you go on freerice again later on, post your results in Hikari or Toast's post. Sporks Can make a difference.
Onto less serious stuff, I want a name change. i think. Everyone now has pwnful names like bashfultoast and packagesentbyninjas, so my top choices so far are 1. Never let go 2.Ill never let go 3.Get the floorboards 4. Bravecandygirl 5. Sunshine (i can pull a mileycyrus and just change it to my nickname) I'll make a poll for this. Go vote!
I'm asking ya'll for alot of stuff, so here FUNNY info. Colors have flavor. No lie. Everyday at lunch I end up eating so much orange food that it tastes orange. i can taste the orange of my food. And orange is a really nasty colorflavor. Red is rather nice. And green is alright, but orange is just nasty. Once u eat cheese, carrots, cheetos, bread, chocolate in one meal, the orange colorflavor starts to show up in everything. So What's ur most hated colorflavor?

Monday, October 19, 2009

You think you're so special, don't you?

EDIT: HIKARI FORGOT A RANDOM FACT, SO SUNSHINE IS EDITTING THIS IN FOR HER. According to Vince Shlomi, the Germans always make good stuff. SHAMWOW
Story below.
Okay, so I was wearing my awesome sleeves I was planning to use for Halloween, but then some of the buttons fell off without me noticing. One, was sticking to my friend V's arm. I said, "V, you're a button magnet!" She just shrugs. Meanwhile, another person and my other friend, A, were throwing water bottles at the wall. No matter what, the water bottles would always go in the direction of the not-friend. "B, you're a water bottle magnet!" A notices that she is the only one that isn't a type of magnet. "Well what'm I?" asks A. "You?" Hmm... I think. "You're a gigantic mass of billions upon trillions of cells! Don't you feel special? Don't you feel special?" And all of them are just cracking up, and when A tells her sister, she can't get enough. Aahh...

Okay, so when we were on vacation, we saw a store called "hhgregg." Can anyone try to pronounce that in comments? And there was one called Osh Kosh B'Gosh. Anyone with a thing for stores, can you tell me what these weird-named stores sell? Oh! And when we were driving, we saw a sign that said ASIAN (restaurant). Like, Asian, was huge, and "restaurant" was squeezed to the bottom.

See? I promised extra Hikari-ness! Ooh, ooh! When we were watching the Titanic, when Fabrizio was killed, both Toast and I were like, "NOO!! FABRIZIOOO!!" without telling each other we would. T'was funneh...

Bye bye, Hiki-chan has to go do annoying vocab cards!
(P.S! This is Toastie. Toastie edited this post. Toastie is not gunna post, because Hiki-chan's post still didn't get any comments, SO COMMENT SO THAT SUNHINE AND I CAN POST!!!!)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Oooh Baby don't you know I suffer~

^twilight songs? anyone?^
because this is the first Friday I've actually ever done something. I went to get icecream with my friendies. I HAD A BLAST.
So we decided to use our phones to film us reenacting scenes from twilight and harry potter.
So i got to play a ladygaga voldemort and a gay edward cullen.
i got to do this spaztastic dance move throughout everything, but when playing voldemort, I didn't look behind me, so I nerdily danced right into a bush, That's right. I fell into a bush. It had thorns too. Thank god for my obsession with black pants.
Anyways this has been a slow week for sporks, And I don't really have anything to talk about because it was a relatively good day. Nickel, if you are reading this, we threw you into a fountain. Because me and Yuki wanted to make wishes at the lame-o fountain, so I didn't want to waste a quarter. So, i found a penny and a nickel. And We threw them into the fountain.
I'm sorry this post fails. But we'll do better next week. I promise.
Promise me wont give up. No matter how cold you feel. You're not gonna die here, this way, not this night.
first with twilight, then with the following: Titanic fanfiction.
I don't know what provoked me. but I'll prob be addicted to it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


^If you say it aloud, it sounds like "hi-llo!", which is what Muse sez.^
So yaahh, I saw the Titanic too, so I started to talk with Sunshine about it also. It's a really good movie, but I saw it on a million-year-old tape/video/thingummy-whatsit probably from when it first came out in theatres, like, 17 years ago. If anyone can find out when it came out, thank you, or as my dad wrote in a letter, "thang you!" Another request from Toastie!
Thang you former Purple-Hoodie-Chick-who-is-now-Bashful-Toast! You must've been slightly angry at me loving the Toast picture of AJ, but not showing any love to your newly acclaimed name, "Bashful Toast", and not saying yay! But here it is:"YAY!!!!♥" Lurve you all!
Random fact: HIkari and I were in vacation on Earth with no means necessary of stealing/hacking/buying/getting/sneaking into a house at night/bringing a laptop/computer to post, so Hikari had to do all of her make-up work until 11:30 pm., so she couldn't post. An apology from her: "Dude-man-dudes, so sorry!! I'll make the next time I post extra Hikari-ful! Kay-kay-kay?"
So here we were, posting! Yays!
Has a nise dae! (lolcat speake!ILY!♥)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Near, Far, Whereever sporks are~

^I believe, im obsessed with Titanic~^
RANDOM FACT!: The lady who played Moaning Myrtle is 43 now. Which means she is the oldest actress to play a Hogwarts student.
I've probably spent like 12 hours of my life watching the movie Titanic, and I went to the exhibit and I've read about it. I love the movie though. JACK LIVES ON IN MY HEART AND MY HEART WILL GO ON AND ON! But that's not the point.
If you go to google and type in sporks "Sporks are useless" is one of the suggested things. If you type in sporks_ (as in a space) The first one is sporks for sale then "Sporks are godlike" and then "Sporks are useless"
BRILLIANCE. but i want more.
I WANT THE WORLD NOTHING LESS ALL THE GLAM AND THE PRESS, ONLY GIVING ME THE BEST REVIEWS~ So tell your friends about sporks so that the search of "Sporks are godlike" can go down on the list, man,
Polishedwithdust doesn't make the list...I fail.
But thankies sporkers. SO GO CHECK OUT MY BUDDY FRIEND'S BLOG "whenindoughtdanceout.blogspot" yeah, she spelled doubt wrong. chillax.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So yeah! I'm posting, as you can see very clearly.

So hi! This is Toastie here, fulfilling your wish of another post.
Random fact: There is a watermelon-slice-looking Popsicle that tastes like watermelon, and the seeds are chocolate. But sadly, these awesome Popsicles are only available in Japan and Korea.
Uhm, I would go on and on about a sh peal of Vocaloid videos, but not many people know about them, and as Sunshine would probably say to me, "Dude, no one cares!" and that hurts Toastie very much, much more than Toastie shows.
Requests, requests! I have a request for all of you to-hoo-dae! I wanna know how you came to read Sporks. Just comment, you don't need a whole blogger account in order to do so. Another request would have been to look up Vocaloid on Youtube, but you know, stuff...
Gah darnnit, need to do homework and a new poll.
Gotta go now, the spaghetti bunnies are noodle-painting on the wall, the toast needs to tan with butter lotion, and cream slayers are raiding my wallet for money to buy whipped cream. Ah, busy busy meh!♥

Thursday, October 1, 2009

People All Over the World, Join Hands, Start a FAIL TRAIN!

^indeed^yesterday i saw the most brilliant thing I've ever seen. But First, I must explain.
I LIKE SNUGGIES. i don't own one, but I'm just fascinated by a blanket with wholes in it. I also love shamwows and slapchops. THE COMMERCIALS ARE SUPERB (Hey it's Vince with slapchop) and they're just overall brilliant.
So along with liking slapchops and snuggies comes another thing that you just have to like. Because Shamwows and Chris Crocker just make sense. I mean they go together like shoobop showadawada yippity boom de-boom. So I was watching Hannah Montana because I was sick yesterday, and the best thing ever featured on that show occurred. Lily made a "leave Britney Alone" reference. CHRIS CROCKER! YAY. I mean seriously! I realize you guys don't care about my home bo--girl Chris so lemme move on.
MY BRILLIANT RANDOM FACT!:The word "nerd" was first coined by Dr. Seuss in "If I Ran the Zoo."
Because I'm cool like that. ILY NERDS.
ONTO CHESSBOXING. yes. You heard me. I was watching Bizarre Worlds last night and the awkwardest things came up. ONE a beer salon where you can take a bath in beer. TWO chess boxing. A sport in which every other round is either boxing or chess. I want to play.
And of coarse, all of this comes from Germany. Like Vince says in the shamwow commercial, You know the Germans always make good stuff!
chris crocker: (hes..i mean she's actually awesome)
Love Train:

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Caps lock!♥

By the way, it was DANCING TOAST who changed the "people who actually noticed" thingummy-whatsit at the bottom. NOTICE HOW I SAY PEOPLE INSTEAD OF PERSON. I ALSO FIND THAT IF I PUT ON CAPS LOCK, YOU WILL FIND MY MESSAGE MORE URGENT TO READ.
Okay, stopping now. Do you think Sporks needs a new layout? Just go to the little link I'm putting on right now. ---> Comment links that you think suits Sporks!
Okay so I lurve mah friend Yuki (and this is her nickname anyway, so I don't have to worry about cyber-stalkers), who is much like my friend, and penpal, Muse of Randomness! Only differences are that I see Yuki all the time and she is my age and she doesn't know about Sporks; Muse is pen-buddy, knows about Sporks, and 2 years older. Both of you guys are awesome!!!♥♥♥ Hearts are not less than three, they are your life and alt3.
Nickel, stop being a sir. We introduced you as Nickel, not Sir Nickel.
End of teh post. Byee!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sunshine's Sick! Sorry!

Random Fact: When you die your hair still grows for a couple of months.
Sorry ya'll. I didn't post yesterday bc im sick. wahh. I missed my chance. check pwd. i may post there.
We have a new follower it seems, and thanks purplehoodiechick for the awards!
I feel like poop.
(ps, the sporks schedule: Monday-Hikari, Wednesday-toast, Fridays-Sunshine. The days in between will be left empty so that ya'll can read the posts)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I forgot what awesome title I thought up...

April showers bring may flowers, and eating apple slices while typing brings typos.
Random fact: The mucus coming out of your nose when you sneeze is coming out at 95 miles per hour.
I am getting closer my friend, "R" ever since middle school started. And apparently we have finally been reunited with a kindergarten classmate after all these years. "R" is not the same person... I didn't even know he still lived in the state. He probably doesn't recognize meh. Ah well. He's short, btw.

Apparently there's such thing as "snubing." It's a cross between snorkling and scuba diving. Speaking of scuba diving:
"Glub glub, glub glub."
"Oh God, it's you guys. And you're floating."
"We're not floating, Charlie, we're scuba diving, Charlie!"
"Scuba diviiiinnggg"
XD Anyone remember that? Or have seen that? No? Fine. Be that way. Even if I ask that question, no one will answer. Remember Sunshine's post? PWD gets more comments than Sporks!! That proves nobody likes me or Toast! Read her post! And Sunshine changed the comments thing to "people who actually noticed this post". Usually, that number is, no surprise, zero! What do you have to say for yourselves??

Okay, Sunshine has devised a schedule for Sporks. Here:
Sunday: New poll
Monday: Hikari
Tuesday: BLANK
Wednesday: Dancing Toast
Thursday: BLANK
Friday: FlossingSunshine
Saturday: BLANK
This schedule is so that Sporks is less chaotic, and so that people will get the chance to read each post and hopefully comment. Only if it's really urgent does someone interrupt the schedule.

Tell us what you think!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Top Sporks Editors Competiton!

^okay so its not a competition cuz 2 of the editors didnt know about it^
^and also, i stutter like bella, naturally now. TWILIGHT TOOK OVER MY BRAIN. I'M READING ECLIPSE. help me^
SO TODAY, I typed up the amount of comments each spork poster has gotten ever. Every Post we have documented, i typed up and put it into an online calculator. THE RESULTS ARE IN!
WHO IS IT YOU LIKE MOST?? ( as of before this post)
(note, im not sure all of these are extremely accurate, but close)
At number 3 with 66 comments ever, is FlossingSunshine
At number 2, with 91 comments ever, is DancingToast
At Number 1, with 100 comments ever, is Hikari
BY THE WAY!! Dancing Toast, congrats, you Hold all of our comment records EVER. including 5 comments, 6 comments and 7 comments on 1 post. Good job.
also, thanks to xnerdie and raliravioli, who never got comments, but were part of the old sporks team.
I feel extremely fail-full right now. Anyways we'll be sending out thanks messages soon...

I fail!,

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Does nobody notice that me and Hikari posted? Nobody notices stuff when we actually do stuff, or at least that's what it feels like because no one comments on our posts anymore!
Do you hate us or some thing?? I'm so sad to see that I posted a hugelongparagraph for nothing and this post will probably be ignored too. Might as well quit being a blogger since no one lurves us anymore...
See?! Look at what you did! I'm feeling all sad when Planet XXYYZ-I is supposed to be a place of happiness and Sunshine. It's just like what Hikari said IN THE POST YOU ALL IGNORED, that HAPPINESS IS NOWHERE. Waaahhh!! >0<" I don't like being sad! Dancing Toast only dances when they're happy! And now you've all condemned them to Limp(ing) Toast! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELVES???DO YOU FEEL ASHAMED NOW?? Good. Because you're supposed to! Hmph! No! No! N-n-no no! I'm not listening to you! You can't say stuff to me like that! Wh-wh- no no! See?? Now you're making me stammer like Bella in that movie Twilight. Stupid stupid stupid. Waaahhh!!! Hope you all feel good about how you made my life ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE.

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's A scary world out there!

You know its a scary world when'
1) Michael Jackson and Billy Mays have died
2) Britney Spears has a whole "Circus themed" tour (we luv ya brit!)
3) Miley Cyrus's 'party in the USA' beat out 'I gotta feeling' on iTunes most popular. (IGF is lyk 3 PIUSA is 1)
4) POLISHED WITH DUST gets more comments than SPORKS ARE USELESS!

Come on, #4 guys, rly? How could my personal blog get more than the 3 amigos.
Anyways, if sporks is so boring, I'll talk to Hikari and Spaghetti and we can find a theme for this blog, and maybe find a new layout.

If Sporks is getting old and boring, tell us, please!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


As you can all guess(or not), I'm posting!
This is Toast here! I know, I know, I haven't posted in a long time. But hey! I got a new friend at school. She kinda reminds me of Muse. Also, what have you at the sentence fragment of "red giraffes, purple cows, blue monkeys, and flying green goats"?!
Whee-hee! You've been puddingforked! Pudding forked is neither noun nor verb nor adjective!It is neither bad nor good! It just is! So, go up to random people, wave your hands in their face/head (depending on whether or not you're tall or short) and say, "you've been pudding forked" in a mystic voice.This all started when Sunshine had to eat her pudding with a fork.
Well, I dunno about yew, but I am in the 3rd week of 6th grade! And truth be told (♪the truth be told, I'm star-ting, to wo-rry, about rain!♫), I'm slightly disappointed and frustrated at it, what with all the extra homework and heavy backpacks. But who am I to complain now? The rest of the week we have testing, and the teachers are merciful enough to say we have no homework because we study the bats the whole day. Poor bats, they're all cooped up in them high-tech Planet XXYYZ-I habitat bubble-cages. Habitat bubble-cages are -blank- animals' habitats in bubbles! Endless space in those couch-pillow sized bubbles, specially made for -blank- animals!

Also, Sunshine and I have started Hogwarts! We have Time-Turners in order to have normal classes and magics classes. Nickle belongs in Hufflepuff, but he lies and says he's in Gryffindor.
I'mma buy more cream now, the cream slayers are doing who-knows-what to it. Byeeee~

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Okay, Alright, Fine!

Geez, I'm posting.

As Sunshine said, Toast and I have our birthdays on Friday! *confetti explodes out of nowhere* I hate it when that happens in movies and video games. Stuff comes out of nowhere all the time.
Apparently, mosquitoes tend to favor people who are very stressed out. Ooh, about the word 'nowhere": It can mean something really happy or something quite morbid. Watch:


"Happiness is now here." Happy.
"Happiness is nowhere." Morbid.


Saturday, August 8, 2009


Alright, so september is approaching (not really, but ill need to plan all this out) AND XXYYZ-I WANT YOU *points like uncle sam*
I need all followers or anyone reading this post to comment and tell me what you want to see more of.
Parody's, XXYYZ-I items, reviews, quotes, etc.
Cause september marks the one year anniversary of XXYYZ-I's tourist program. YAYAY.
Again, whether or not we'll be allowing tours to continue is questionable, but tell us what you'd like to see on sporks.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dreams are like rainbows, only idiots chase them.

They really are.

I had many more better (aka random) ideas for a post title, but I keep forgetting them. I basically have no social inspiration...

Random info: I dislike seafood. It just has this weird taste that reminds me of the sea in meat form, in a bad way. Also, I've really always hated their little eyes. Raw seafood seems to be popular, despite the fact that you could get diseases... Slimy things like oyster/clams, crab, the fish in sushi, and even squid/octopus just kind of...don't appeal to my tastes. I have had bad experiences with lobster, too. Imagine a little girl around four years of age, watching her mother boiling a lobster live. Watching it twitch until the movement gradually, gradually stops, and the life fade from its beady black eyes. Another reason to add to my dislikes. SHRIMP. Don't get me started.
I also feel guilty that these creatures could help the environment by maintaining the natural balance of life, that these took millenia to develop into the adapters they are now.
Of course, the same could be said about chickens, pigs, cows, sheep, and turkeys, but haven't they always been eaten and taken advantage of by man and animal?

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I'm sorry I haven't posted much so far, I don't have anything funny to say.
Oh! But I has some quotes!
No man was ever wise by chance~I forgot to put who said it, or maybe it was anonymous.
We're all gonna die!!!!!!!~Lenny Bruce
(See 11,oo2 things to be MISERABLE about. It's hi-Larry-ous)
The Candy Cat caaaaan~ The Candy Cat can 'cuz she mixes it with love and makes the world taste good! And the world tastes good 'cuz the Candy Cat thinks it should!♫
It's actually supposed to be the Candy Man, but whatever.
♫Moldy pea-nuts! Moldy pea-nuts! The amazing de-com-po-ser!~~~~mleh mleh mleh.....♪
It's supposed to be Willy Wonka the amazing choclatier, but who cares?!!! I don't! ☻•_•
And there's more messed up lyrics on like Emmy the Yellow Ducky. :P Courtesy of Popsicle-chan, follower of Sporks Are Useless.
If you'd like the environment to be saved, press one. If you'd like authors on Sporks to post more, press two. If you'd like to have a monkey fling poop at you, press three. If you'd like to delete option 3 and carry out choices 1 and 2, press four. At the tone, please record your rant. After you have finished recording your rant, you may hang up or press five to get rid of this annoying voice. *bleep*

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Half Blood Prince REVIEW!!

It wasn't amazing. Which was disappointing, but it was hilarious. Jim Broadbent was awesome, and I screamed at the credits for Daniel Radcliffe (as expected).
BAD STUFF: it was too long. David Heyman could of cut some of the scenes out. Like the house burning? What's up with that, it was pointless to the plot. And, there were really NO classes at all. You never see Snape's D.A.D.A class, and for being the HBP he barely has a roll. And dumbledore's death, well he fell, and it looked too Titanic. And wihtout his funeral, it wasn't too great. The Ending sucked, and so did the beginning. It lacked alot of action. Also, when Dumbledore died, harry looked like a coward because dumbledore didn't petrificus totalus him.
GOOD STUFF: HILARIOUS! I found myself cracking up through alot of it. Rupert Grint was hilarious as Ron, yet again, and it was very witty. When there was action, the effects were done beautifully, and the inferi were actually very scary. Tom Riddle wasn't as good looking as he's said to be, but he's creepy and believable. Lavender brown was funny, too. All of the roles were played amazingly, and Draco Malfoy, taller and skinnier than ever, was still an awesome character.
OVERALL, to what i expected, not nearly as good i hoped for, but a good movie. The books are always better, but this one did well for the book. THE CREDITS WERE WICKED. ever since 3rd movie hp credits are creative and amazing.
RANDOM Q: Have you guys seen the slap-chop rap? its hilarious. go watch it. "Hey its vince with slap-chop!"


Friday, July 10, 2009

Friendship like firewood...


Friendship like firewood: You have to put effort into making it burn. The more social you are, the more "flammable" you are.

I'm back from D.C. and being too lazy to post!
D.C. was awesomely fun, but I didn't get to spend leisure time in the museums. -sniffle- I thought they were interesting.

Sorry about the extremely short post, i just don't really know what to say...
And by the way, I stole those recycle pictures from various places on the internet. Oh! And if you go to
you can find a bunch of links where you can recycle electronics for free!

(Look, I actually put some labels!)

Friday, July 3, 2009

High Expectations for the Half Blood Prince!!

Sunshine here! (note this post is long, but really easy to read. and quite random)

Last I had an awkward dream.
And NO, this was not one of those awkward dreams where I'm attacked by spiders and wake up just in time to save myself but not my friend whose also being attacked by spiders that's happened, twice!)
This dream was about Harry Potter.
So, it started off with me and a friend, lets call her B. (note, im unsure who the friend was, though I have a feeling i know, so i chose a random eltter) Me and B, B and I, were going to the movie theater for some reason, and she was super excited to go see a film. So we paid for our tickets and entered the theater to go see Startrek, So we get into the showing room, and this totally dif film starts playing, but of coarse, because its my dream, I'll automatically think i paid to see it.
It turns out, even though we paid to see Startrek, we ended up seeing Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince (we didnt realize anything)
Except this Half Blood Prince was terrible. There was some annoying old guy voice anrrating the story, and It had absolutely nothing to do with the book. And It was totally random.
And at the end, someone B disappears, and I speak to the Director of the old HP movies, but who didnt direct the Half Blood Prince. (NOTE: I DONT KNOW IF THE HBP HAS THE SAME DIRECTOR, IT WAS A DREAM) And he said "Yeah i didn't sign for the 6th one, but i think I'm gunna have to sign for the 7th" so obviously, Mr.OldDirectorMan thought the sixth sucked too.
So I;m feeling all "Oh man, I was realy excited for this." And when I wake up I'm all "Aww the HBP sucked, wait that was a dream..gah!" So i really hope that David Yates, David Heyman, David Barron do a good job with this fulm. (Note Yates and Heyman are director&producer i
think, and barronis one of the screenwrites, I just found it funny that alot of ppl r named david)


Quote of the post: "When the dark comes rising, six shall turn it back, 3 from the circle, 3 from the track. Wood Iron bronze water stone
5 will return and 1 go alone"
At least it hink thats how it goes its form THE DARK IS RISING by SUSAN COOPER

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Anyways, thinking of spork's history, i realized that I'm the only one on here that hasn't gotten a name change. Lord only knows how many times Hikari has changed her name.
Toast has changed hers once or twice.
But I've been flossingsunshine since the very beginning.
Even though I'd prefer a dif name, i feel it'd be awkward changing it.
And so I'm not going to.

because come september, that marks the official 1 year anniversary of XXYYZ-I's tourist program!!
Whether or not XXYYZ-I will continue this tourist program is a matter of the future, but i shall start planning events for sept in july, because ill be too lazy in august. THis summer, we'll probably post a bunch of new things to sporks, but in late august early sept. (when our school starts) I plan on going back to the original spork days.
Remember cologne wars, waber-guns, volde-mart, "our planet's cruel things"etc?
ALL THAT WILL BE RETURNING! FOR MY SEPTEMBER FLASHBACK MONTH! not to mention both hikari, toast and my birthdays are in september. Ill be working on a sporks e-mail. since we dont hav one..
And after september, will XXYYZ-I close its tourist program for you who are part of other planets? I dont know!?!? I plan on discussing allt his and more with Hikari and toast asap or sooner.

quote of the post
"Are you out of your Volcan mind?!" -Startrek 2009

QUICK FACT i tend to break out in song singing "our planets cruel things" occasionally.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


HERE IS AN EXPERIMENT BADGE. ill make better ones, but for now use this to support hp.

You know what really sucks? Non clumsy people. They always walk with somewhat straight or fully straight posture and one leg in front of the other, like their leg-eye coordination is on some sort of life long track that allows them to never trip.
But we clumsy folk are like a roller coaster, lots of falls, twists, etc. Not to mention, being clumsy tends to hurt others as well as yourself. But what is truly annoying is when the person you just tripped over simply stares and with an expression that says it all.
"Why did you trip over me you clumsy freak?"
"Did you ever learn how to walk?"
And what sucks is that clumsy people can never get revenge with answering stares because its true.
Clumsy people were taken at the stage where they began to learn to walk, and replaced with robots instead. And the PerfectPosturePeopleoftheWorldAssociation, or PPPWA, has their robots learn how to walk and just teaches the humans how to put one elg in front of the other and occasionally balance.
So after the robots learn how to walk, the PPPWA takes them back to the headquarters and sends them out to places all over the world. and no one knows where the PPPWA headquarters is. Then the PPPWA returns the clumsy humans back to their homes.
SO when someone gives the look "Did you ever learn how to walk" all clumsy people can say is "No,i didn't learn how to walk." Because the PPPWA kidnapped us. And you may or may not remember this.
So next time you are in an area with a bunch of non-clumsy people, look around for a large nameless building. it could be the PPPWA headquarters.

Ill also be making a quote of the post which you are required to comment on, too.
Quote of the Post: "I'm a doctor not a physicist!" -Startrek 2009 movie, Dr.McCoy

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Replies and STUFF

First, replies to comments and posts.
Chipmunk, nickel does know that girlyhairflip lyks blond blond lyks girlyhairflip, etc. I've found out directly from him.
Toast, I kinda want a cream slayer just cuz tis name is cool.
As ive said on Polished, I'll get permission to post limelight, a parody of Twilight soon.
i got SOAKED today in rain. And my hair is thick and curly, so i had to re-iron part of it.

My hand kinda hurts from playing piano for a while. I know the Harry Potter theme song now!!
Umm, yeah, we have only around a business week left of school. FUN! We get out first we of June, so sorry if you guys don't.
Umm, sporks will continue regularly during summer. THATS A LIE. we'll all be too lazy to post. So yeah, ill try to post at least 1 a week. Because I have to post reviews and parodies and stuff on polished.
Happy Pre-Summer!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So, here's some info on the different species that I made/created. All 3 of these species are completely to your satisfaction. And hunger.

Spaghetti bunnies: Are made of intricately knotted spaghetti (to give you that extra chew) in the shape of rabbits, and have whatever seasonings/sauces you want on them and have meatballs for eyes, only if you want them to, of course. Also, they are completely and utterly of my creation.

Dancing toast: Sadly, I thought I was being creative, but when I looked it up on Google, many people had already thought of the idea. But, my dancing toast comes in any shape or size you want it to be, and whatever texture (crunchy/softness) you want also. And, you can put whatever you want on it, whether it be a spread or some random other stuff. As seen in my image of my profile, I have a piece of dancing toast in the shape of a cat. Look it up on Google Images to see the proper dancing-ness.

And for my newest addition: Cream slayers! Cream slayers are of my creation, too. They come into your house (or already live in your house already) at night or whenever you aren't looking and steal the whipped cream you own in the fridge. Or any thick cream or milk or whatever is an ingredient to make cream. What do they do with it, you ask? They take it to their lair and kill the unsuspecting cream, or eat it. Whoops! Some people might not be happy with this, so just put out an extra saucer of whipped cream when you get some.

This is it, people! hope you aren't angry at my little cream slayers, they don't know that you can't kill cream. Of course, I'll pay you back, anyway. By the way, I am currently eating chocolate pocky and I am very happy, as snacks are rare in my house on Earth.

Monday, May 18, 2009


So today, I shall tell you 2 stories.
The first one happened a while ago. My oldest sister and her friend were driving my oldest sister back home on Earth. The neighborhood only has a number box instead of a guard, so you go up to the number box and type in a number to call someone and get in. My oldest sister and her friend noticed that the guy in front of them didn't have to call anyone, so they stalked him to his house, and knocked on his door. He asked, "Uh, hi, can I help you?" And they (politely) asked him what the secret code was.
The second story was that a dog followed us home.
If I tell you the whole story, it'll probably bore you to tears, but I'll tell the people who are actually interested.
Today, Hikari and I were walking back to our Earth house, when we saw a dog in front of someone's house. We walked away from it, hoping that it wouldn't follow us home. But it started to walk after us and we didn't know what to do. So we asked the neighbor what to do because I remembered that she found the same dog once. She told us to just go back inside the house and just wait for it to go back home. But it kept following us so we had to wait for a long time until we could go inside again.
Like 'em??? I'm sorry these weren't childish, but how do you tell a story childish-ly?
I wonder what'll happen if I post more than once a day?

Saturday, May 16, 2009



I made this for ya
it is supposed to be animated!! ehh!
lookat that^

Friday, May 15, 2009


^what happened to it? that used to be the Sporks thing!^

Well Im here to post about XXYYZ-I and some other stuff, but first thigns first,
We have 2 new followers! Wecome to sporks, guys.

I'd like to shout out to a few tho, Muse_Of_Randomness, who is one of the first followers and comments all the time. Muse is also and active commentor on Polished With Dust (my blog, u should read it i posted a parody of misery business I wrote with a friend. it was his idea.) THX for reading this stuff muse, even tho I forget to read other's blogs.
AJ, for being another active reader and XXYYZ-Iadian (lets call them zay-dee-uns). Also, for enjoying my random stories about my life.
Sunbum, for following this blog in exchange for me following hers.

ONTO XXYYZ-I. New edition waber-guns will be sold soon. (view post from foreverago)
More about XXYYZ-I coming soon and I hope you guys have an awesome weekened.
READ HIKARI'S Below post.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

All of you who love me, I love back ♥

Hikari is back!

Sunshine and Toast have told me that Sporks gets more views when I post, but siriusly, I don't know why. My posts don't have the childish innocence (a.k.a fun) that Toast's posts have, and neither are they as funny or random as Sunshine's, so like can someone explain to me how that works?

I have no idea what to post, except mebbe this short story about a couple days ago. -cough- yesterday -cough- So I shall tell you the short story!

Okay, so I was doing this group project with a couple of other people, so when one of the group members was getting something approved by the teacher, we used some of the hand sanitizer the teacher has on her desk.
One guy, let's call him Keith even though that isn't his real name, got sanitizer in the other guy's eye. The other guy said, "Dude! You got some in my eye!" and "Keith" (God, I hate that name) said he didn't care. So I was all, "You know, 'Keith', he could go blind, right?" And so he retorted, "I hope you wake up blind tomorrow." And we both thought he said blond instead of blind, so I was like, "There's nothing wrong with being blond!" The two blonds I know are actually quite smart, but one's a prep, and the other was currently getting something approved for our group.
The other guy was like, "Dude, I'm already dumb enough, why do you have to curse me to be blond?" And "Keith" was confused, and then we realized he said blind and started cracking up.

Of course, it all happened really quickly, but I cut out all of the interrupting and confusion to these couple sentences.
Sunshine owes Toast some cherries!

Friday, May 8, 2009

100 posts! And You Belong WIth Me

Congrats toast, for making the 100th post.

Siriusly, you guys don't like us.

Well, I need your help. I'm watching this taylor swift video for you belong with me, and is it taylor swift dressed as "his girlfriend" or is it just some girl who looks an awful lot like her?



this vid is hilarious! because once i was at the mall in the prom dress section with my sis and her friend. And these two gay guys (gays r wicked awesome) looka t the white prom dresses and they're all "You do not wear white as your prom dress, mm-mm, that ain't cute, that's not funny!"
and blond swift wears a white prom dress. (im only saying blond swift bc idk who the other girl is. help)


>▲<" WAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one commented on my other post!!! And Sunshine got a comment on her tiny post. Not blaming her though, but Sunshine also needs to post longer posts, or else it'll take up too much space. It seems to me that Hikari gets the most comments on her posts and that Sunshine and I don't get much. I mean siriusly! Hikari hasn't posted in like, forever! And don't assume that I'm a prep by saying all this preppy stuff. At least I don't spell "like" as "liek" or "you're/your" as "ur"! That sounds so stupid! "Ur" is pronounced as (er) not (yer)! So anyway, I started to read a series by Emily Rodda, called the Deltora series, and even though the story is really smart, it's not a few very happy series (there are 3 series of each), and the main character only figures out stuff until the last minute. But I'd like to reccomend a series called Avalon by Rachel something. I like the new covers better than the old ones because the new ones have good art and the older ones have terrible art. I'd also like to reccomend the Percy and the Olypians series. The last book in the series just came out 2 days ago. And the book The Host by Stephanie Meyer even though I hate the Twilight saga. And the Eragon series, but now it's getting kinda weird. A lot of people say that the Ink-whatever series is good, so I'll try to start on it even though I never see the first book (Inkheart) anywhere except school, but I need to finish the other books that I rented from the library.
I can't wait until summer. I plan to do so much stuff and I won't have Chinese school or normal school to do except some packets from my mom or from this math and reading program. Not including July, though, 'cuz then I can quit for a month. I can go to Sunshine's house on the sun and help her play her parody of that stupid series Twilight and make Limelight.
Well I'll stop now, because I'll take up too much space on the front page to make a post that no one will comment on because either 1. people are waiting for Hikari to post or 2. think I'm being too self-cebtered/bratty with this post. If you post, that means that you lurve me and Sunshine!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So, ummm, yeah.

So like, I haven't posted in forever, and so now I'm posting!
Sorry people, I can't post the story yet because I have no time/I'm too lazy to, so I shall post it in the summer if you all don't die of something terrible.
I like cookies. And a lot of other stuff that would take too much time/space on the Sporks page. And besides! No one will really care unless they are some crazy cyber kidnapper who wants to lure me away from home.
Also, Hikari may want to change her name, so any suggestions, please comment. Oh! I have a suggestion for her right now! But I've actually had it for a long time, so what ever! Cream Slayer. Do you think it's weird? I want it for myself, but I just recently changed my name to Dancing Toast anyway and if I change it again, then it'll be too little time in between/makes me sound violent. She wants it at a maximum of 2 words.
The story behind Cream Slayer was because Hikari asked me to be her translator with her mouth full, so I thought she said Cream Slayer.
Well, now Hikari is screaming over the phone in order to wake up Sunshine. I mean, she has to stay up to give light to a lot of Earthlings and us XXYYZ-I dwellers, although she has been burning a lot of people as they go to the beach. She even burned her sister because she was slacking off on the job. Bad Sunshine!
So buh-bye!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

19 phone calls. OI!

Okay i jsut felt like sharing. Please read toast's post titled "story" bc i keep filling up sporks with my uselesness ya'll dont care about on here.

Back on topic, I return to my room and check my phone (i check it obsessively) and i see like "17 missed calls, 9 new messages" or something. And they were all from 1 person!

It was quite funny. He needed to see if i was going to a showcase so I could take a pic for him, but I didnt go.

Anyways, I also got 7 txt messages from him. SO my messages on phone were like:
"Hey sunshine (but my real name) Its (insert name ehre) I need you to call me back SOON! Its urgents blahblah" by the 16th time he was all "THis is lyk the 1 billionth time ive called you. I've memorized your voice mail. Now siriusly, call me back. its urgent. you need to call me its urgent!" it was quite hilarious! Except for the fact it took me forever to listen to all the messages.
And yes, chipmunk, Ill probably try temporary hair dye this year.

For thsoe of u who know me, this is the guy ill hold hands with at the ceremony. ROAROROOR!!


notice, ive gotten alot darker lately.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Uh, spam.
Not that I like it though.
So yah, only two people said that they wanted to read my story as a bunch of posts! I won't post the story yet because only two people said that they wanted to read it. Many many thanks to Sunshine and Muse. Keep them coming, people!
So turns out, I can't just copy and paste or else it will end up as and html and will have some error with the code or something. So I need a lot of time to type it. And I will post one thing at a time. (e.g. the character info and notes, then chapter by chapter.)
Yah, so Sunshine is lonely that no one really reads Polished With Dust, so read it!
Recycle over there on Earth. Your Earth was one of the most blessed planets in space, but now it seems as though it is the most cursed! You silly humans just kept polluting Earth, and so now Planet XXYYZ-I is visiting and helping you humans over there as to restore Earth's former glory. So yah. We XXYYZ-I dwellers are very lazy sometimes, so please help yourselves. You might die of so much pollution on your planet. So the next time you throw away something, think about it. Is it recycleable or not? Can I decompose this to make compost? You're just slowly committing suicide if you keep throwing stuff away.
Well, Dancing Toast is gonna go now, the shuttle leaves in half an hour to Earth, and Toast needs to go lecture more people on Earth! Toast lives so far away from those shuttles ports.
Well buh-bye!♥

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Did I do that?

Sorry toast, but I was the one who voted spam.

I haven't posted here in forever. Who missed me??
I've been preparing for alot of stuff on polished with dust.
ANDD(Hikari you better post on this) Mumsy agreed to the hair streaks ive been trying to bring up for a while. If I get straight A's next year. Or at least, Really good grades.
The story goes..

Every time I bring up red hair mum and sis think I'm crazy, but whatever. So , for the longets time I've been talking about a red streak, but whenever i bring it up, Mum's phone rings, or someone asks us a question, or my phone rings, or something happens to get me distracted so that I never remember to bring it up!
It kinda sucks, but we will try temporary hair dye during summer to see how it looks!

Toasty, I wanna see ur story. Im writing a book. Ur sister knows about that. She's read most of what I have written.
I HATE writing the beginning though. Because it takes forever to meet my awesome characters.

Me and Hikari, Hikari and I, are working on a parody of Twilight. You've prob. heard about it on PWD. If you haven't, then why haven't you? WHy dont you read PWD? Is my awesome just too awesome for you?


Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm a braceface!

I'm a braceface!
Woot! Not really though!
So yeah, as you have seen in Hikari's post of "Braces", she stated that we got braces on the 21st, Tuesday. I don't like them. They make me talk funny and it still hurts to chew, so I just have to dissect everything and swallow it. When that hurts-to-chew issue stops, I'll be one pretty good swallower. So yeah.
All new followers! Heed my call! Read the oldest posts until the newest posts or else you won't know what we're talking about!
Oh yes, and I haff made a story. If anyone wants to read it, just comment.
So anyway!
Sporks are useless! Like my ring fingers! Like braces that won't work until two years! Like spam!
Speaking of spam, WHO VOTED ON MY POLL THAT THEY LIKED SPAM BETTER??!!!!Dancing toast is obviously better than spam. It comes in different shapes and sizes! You can spread anything on it! Butter! Cream cheese! Peanut butter (no offense to those who are allergic to peanut butter, and I also say this to anger my friend at school. We call her Peanut Butter.)! Jelly! Jam (I don't see what's the difference.)! And if you're disgusting like my dad, who like to mix random/yucky stuff together, ANYTHING!
While spam is just canned ham. Sorry (but not really) to those who love spam.
I hate Twi-tards. They're Twilight fangirls who have no idea why Twilight is so stupid. And although I hate Twilight, I like "The Host" by the sme author, Stephanie Meyer.
So anyhoos, Dancing Toast's report is finished!
I'm OUT! ♪♫☼☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○◙♂♀►◄↕¶§▬↑↓→←∟↔▲▼

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spam, Dancing Toast, and Suicidal Blogs


How sad.
So yeh, PWD is quite emo at the moment. I needa go change the opening song soon.

there is a slight battle between dancing toast and spam. Well the amazing Sunshine has come to settle that battle by combining the two and making Dancing Spam.


"I'm off to post on the emo
The wonderful emo of blogs!"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Uh, spam.

Yeah, I read comments on Tragedies's Epic Phail blog(or so I think), and the person ate spam. Isn't it gross though?
We got a new blender. It cost more than an Ipod, which is strange, since it's just a blender. well, just a blender that can do almost anything, like dice things up, make ice cream, and make soup. But who needs to chop things up with a blender? I'm thinking lazy people...*cough me cough*
So, my teeth are getting really bad, and so I am getting braces. I really don't care, as long as my teeth get straight. I'm not those type of people who freak out about getting braces.
Today was a relatively good day. I missed part of school because I went to the dentist. But I didn't get to miss science, the teacher is so stupid. But we did practically nothing, so yeah.
But I'm really hungry and I need to go do my homework, so I'll just stop now.
Don't be surprised when you see my profile, I just changed stuff on it, no big deal. I think I come up with the most random names ever. If you want me to think of a strange name for you, just comment, and I'll think of something.
Dancing toast rocks, okay? I don't care what you say! XP

Friday, April 10, 2009


I am in desperate need of toast.
I swear! I started to download images of toast! And cats, but that's beside the point. We even have honey and blackberry jam to put on the nonexistent bread!
Wow, this bloggeh is rather lonely. And crowded, I'm surprised...We just post for the very little readers that we have.
By the way! Hikari and I are back from the Smokies! Y'know, the Smoky Mountains, right? I mean, it's on Earth...
Sorry Sunshine, we couldn't post on a horse, now could we? We went horseback riding for the first time...if anyone cares...I fell off my horse trying to get off it.
I love alt codes!
Lookit! it's my name!→§p▲gh3††í BunnŸ (some of it was supposed to be some other cool symbols, but I guess it doesn't work here...)
Wow this was a lame post.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I posted twice in one day!
Make sure u read my last post because i rly want opinions on the DIRT movie.

Well, most of my friends are obsessed with Manga/anime or whatever, and im the dork who has no clue what's going on!! And the only three things im majorly obsessed with are Harry Potter, VlogBrothers, and Naked Brothers Band.

So I really need to find an obsession.
I realize I am the lamest poster here on SPORKS because I never really do anything funny, however just post about my lazy legs and Post about things im going to post about but never really post about, but i need something to freak out over!!! Plus, I'd like to see how many sporkfollowers can actually suggest things I might like considering you all like hikari and spaghetti better.
Oh don't try to hide it, I know. Sunshine always knows.
SO yupp, random obsessions i can freak out over. Ill prob. only love them for about a week if i like them at all, but how well do you know me and what can I do so i don't freak out over nothing!

I already love fanfiction and stuff so don't suggest that. But i need another fangirly obsession so I can become QUEEN of the fangirls if I'm not already.

Please dont suggest the dark is rising or choking myself in pockets.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Wellpp, Waterless soap, fyi, is NOT sanitizer however soap that does not need water to accompany it. It is nasty, gross, and icky. Never use it. Especially at media centers in sunshine's school.


Onto losing balance...
I had to turn in a paper today, and my leg was fully asleep. But I didn't know the consequences of walking with a sleepy leg. NOTE: My leg is the laziest thing on Earth. It sleeps most of the day. So i get up and put my lazi right elg out and almost fall flat on my face. My leg felt like it weighed 200 pounds just kinda wobbled its way to the desk. I faked like I was in pain because I could barely walk. It was the awkwardest thing in the world.
My hands and arms have fallen asleep too. Let's just say my body is sleep and move on.

(inspired by vlogbrothers)
They Might Be Giants In Your Hair
Boys like Girls In Your Hair
Bowling For Soup In Your Hair
"There's a" Tokyo Hotel In Your Hair

Sunday, March 29, 2009

So yeah. With a period.

I was just reading Muse's blog, and it's really funny, in an *adjective-ish* way. I really don't think you're emo, Muse, you actually kind of remind me of my friend. Her name is...wait a sec, stalkers (not meaning you) might , y'know, stalk her. With celery stalks too. I don't know if she likes celery...

I don't know how to wrap this post up. I'm going to put up ten questions and if you want to answer them, leave a comment on the answers.

  1. Do you know what waterless soap is? If you do, good. Then you can tell me.
  2. Do you like useless/random knowledge?
  3. What do you eat for breakfast usually?
  4. Pancakes or waffles?
  5. Like popsicles?
  6. When was the last time you went grocery shopping? Don't worry, I won't stalk you. Chances are, I probably don't even live in the same state as you.
  7. Do you like hand sanitizer?
  8. Have you ever eaten something that you shouldn't by accident, thinking it was something else?
  9. Have you ever used bug spray?
  10. What are your opinions on sunscreen?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Uhh, NBB!

I just voted spork Hikari. But i swear I didn't vote before. DId i? OH NO! What if I did and I don't remember! AHHH


Furreal we want our HP to win. And NAT WOLFF MUST WIN!!
If you vote NAT WOLFF and HARRY POTTER I will write a report on windows. 2 paragraphs. DO THIS FOR MEH!! Make sure you vote once a day, were running out of time!!

Acrostic about an acrostic

An acrostic poem
Creeps me out
Reading them are boring
Oh yawn
Such a cliche'
Tsk tsk
I'm bored while writing this

omg, a sun!!☼


Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Whole New Loaf

A Whole New Loaf
A parody of "A Whole New World"

I can bake you a loaf
Slicing, serving, and spreading
Tell me, baker, now when did
You last make a loaf like this?

I can open your eyes
Show you pastry by pastry
Mixing, kneading, and baking
In a baking competitionn

A whole new loaf
A new fantastic recipe
No one to tell you what
To put in there
‘Cause it's already perfect

A whole new loaf
A delicious recipe to try
But when I’m baking it
It’s crystal clear
That this loaf is bestselling bread

Unbelievable smell
Indescribable texture
Baking, slicing, and serving
Through endless hours with you

A whole new loaf
Don’t you dare bake it too long
A hundred thousand ways to chew
I’m like a star baker
I’ve baked so much
I can’t get any better than this

A whole new loaf
With new recipes to try
I’ll chase them anywhere
There’s time to spare
Let me share this whole new loaf with you

A whole new loaf
That’s what we’ll eat
A thrilling chase
A wondrous loaf
For you and me

Random questions and other sporky whatnot.

Yeah that.^
So onto weird questions!
What is the name for an icky spreadable meat??!!
Uh, spam.
What is the other name for junk mail??!!
Uh, spam.
What is a random answer for any question??!!
Uh, spam.
What is a disgusting meat color, like dead fish?(if you ask, Mommy sometimes brought dead fish home from an I-really-do-not-want-to-know store)
Uh, spam.

So I think some people have really small ears, or rather big ears. I asked Hikari's teacher this, and he said that it depends on what normal-sized ears are sized as.

If the 2nd grade dictionary says the a tomato is a pulpy red fruit, why do they have a tomato on Veggie Tales?

I hate Twilight now, too many preps talk about it. Since when to preps READ???!!! And the movie sucked.

I really want to see a bunch of movies, especially a Broadway one called "Les Miserables" with a little accent mark on a letter in 'Miserables'

Sporks! I hate them! I visited your troubled world of earth and I went to one of the schools and there is the forbidden sporks. As a utensil! What kind of planet are you??? Jeez Louise! Mama Mia! Fettachini! Sporks are useless! Why have them???!!!

And now I shall end this post in order to 1. Post a parody and 2. Leave you to think of why sporks are useless.

Have a noodle-y day!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Administration Privs. And HP Weekend And VeggieTales

sunshine got amdinistration privs. yay!
And sporkareuseless jsut got 6 followers, Yay, so hello to SunBum, we lurve your blog.

HP weekend is over on ABCFAMILY but they showed the chamber of secrets on DC last night, and I had to go to bed early that night. could there have been a worse night for them to show it?
The COS is the best movie in my opinion. But the OOTP had sirius. But he DIED. eheheehe. Furreal, its prob. my fav HP book, But its so sad. I suppose i enjoy books that depress me. HP&theOOTP, Bridge To Terabitha ect.

Why is there a tomato and a blueberry on veggietales if its VEGGIEtales.

Sunshine here brought home her scienece text book just to write a parody. (view it later on polishedwithdust because ill write it later probably if not over the weekend)
Yeah Thats right, im such a geek. (computers♥♥♥) So I am working on Chemical Reation, a parody of Natural Disaster. (plain white t's) These blogs are lonely so comment peeps. Please?

And why does sunshine use thirdperson? Like i just did. tehe. Furreal Friends, i gotta stop doing that

Dont Put me in your pockets. (siriusly, i cant breathe in there)

Friday, March 6, 2009


Hey sporkies!

Today we had a spelling test and and one of our words was sever.
And i was thinking of harry potter, shocking, and so i ened up writing Severus instead of sever.
At least i erased it in time.

Harry potter will win the KCA's with ur help! so hlep!
for me of course.

Come on man!!
And the Hp theme pakr is looking pretty cool so far. Check it out on


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


im listening to that piano version now^^

Glad to be back on XXYYZ-I after my long Earth expedition.
It was fun though, I got Girlscout cookies which reminds me,
When is nut season for the girl scouts?
GS nuts r gross btw.
Sunshine was a Girlscout.
yeah tis true. I was.
For like, pshh, a year.
We only had about four kids in our troop.

anywho, Ive been parodying alot (polishedwithdust will show all my parodies)
And that pokemon one i was working on, didnt turn out good.
After all my twilight ones.

the kids chocie awards are soon! Make sure u vote for Harry Potter and Nat Wolff.
And pwd.

-love story / taylor swift

And yeah, spam. its gross.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Prank Calling

So anyhoos, Geraldine the Chipmunk, Sunshine, Hikari, and I were all talking about prank calling Pizza Hut today but we don't plan to do it anytime soon. Here are some examples:

Sunshine: "Hi, can I have an ice cream?"
Pizza Hut: "Umm...This is Pizza Hut..."
S: "I'm confused, puzzled, and in a daze..." (Sunshine likes the Naked Brothers Band)

PH: "Pizza Hut, can we take your order?"
Chipmunk: "I want a large pepperoni pizza and a diet water."
PH: "'am, there's---"
C: "Excuse me? I thought I said I wanted a diet water, are you saying that I can't have diet water? WHAT KIND OF RESTAURANT ARE YOU?!?!?"

Sunshine: "Hi, can I have a Pocketful of Sunshine?"
PH: "Umm...this is Pizza Hut, I'm pretty sure we don't sell those..."
S: *sniffle* -hangs up-

Sunshine: "Hi, can I order a large cheese pizza?"
PH: "Yeah, sure, you would never guess how many prank calls we've gotten today, I'm relieved to hear a normal order. Address?"
S: "Sure! 123 Sesame Street."
PH: "Can you tell me how to get how to get to Sesame Street~~~?"
S: "No. I can't." -hangs up-

If you'd like to leave a message, please leave your message after the tone. After you have finished recording your message, you may hang up or press "one" for more options.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Questions about ham and fangirl shirts

answers to ur questions.

Yeah canadian bacon rocks bc it's just ham, but with a particular taste, not as good as american ham.

And id totally make fnagirl shrits, but they'd be wicked cuz i do computer graphics!
Fangirl shrits make the world go round, along with fanfiction.

I love fanfiction, and if u read fanfiction, gimme a comment or send me ur fav fanfic (stuff id understand please)

short post but im kinda bsuy now.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Man Hugs and 3:10 am, oh and canadian bacon


Welcome viewers, ive noticed, and Hikari has pointed out, that my posts never get as many comments as the others;. I FEEL ALONE. (with the people i meet) nbb song.
ANoywho, i got back form a sleepover today,a nd it was so much fun,. but im not gunna say everytihng.

We were watching the Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix, late at night, and sirius and harry were all like *manhug* so we decided that everytime we went downstairs to get food, we would go practice manhugging. So I KNOW HOW TO MANHUG,
And i had Canadian Bacon along with other stuff for breakfast. SLICED HAM!

Pshh,. after the OOTP, we wanted to watch the POA (prisoner of azkaban) but we kept randomly flaling asleep, and it wasl already 2:50am so we decided we'd finish it in the later morning. And the last time i checked the clock it was 3:10.

I made yet another HArryPotter fangirl shirt.

And well tomorrow is my sister's brithday, we got her an iPod. I hope she doesn't read this blog.
I want an iPod, ill get one when they go down in price a little. (new nano)
I realize im jsut tlaking about stuff you people truely dont give a care about. (QUite frankly my dear i dont give a damn, [that quote form that movie that ive heaard in the beginning of Natural Disaster])

I've got to be the very best, like no one ever wassss!!!

-sunshine and ehr boring life that no one ever comments about because its just that dorky. *sigh* EEPPPUHHZ GEEPUHZ I USED THE WORD SIGH. AHH
long story

Thursday, February 19, 2009


How do you fit 3 Mudkips and two Charizards on the same bus?!? YOU JUST POKE 'EM ON!!!!
Ah ha ha! Get it?!? Pokemon? No one? Fine. Be that way.

So anyway, Sunshine and I just got obsessed with Pokemon yesterday. Randomly. Like always. But we're only pretending to be obsessed, we don't have cards or anything. The only thing I have is this really old Pokemon board game that I don't know how to play, and we bought it before I was born, during first generation Pokemon, so I think that board game is already vintage by now.

We don't have cards, this kid even memorized his. "Oh well, y'see, let's say that a bulbasaur has an attack of 20hp for ...vine whip, and like..." By then I just stopped listening because I thought he was such a dork for spewing Pokemon card crap.

Sunshine has some electronic games for poke mon, but they're not really hers, they're her sister's. And they only have them because they're fun, not that they like pokemon that much.

Sunshine and I just like the first generation theme song(ooohhh, you're my best frie-nd, in a world we must defeennddd). Sound familiar anyone?
So yeah, that's the latest news.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A whole new loaf

Sorry about the random title, I just didn't want to use Miscellaneous again. A whole new loaf is a parody that I made of A whole new world.

So like, Sporks Are Useless is like a whole new loaf of bread. I guess we're considered as a "new-ish" blog, but I guess our blog is just so cool you just wanna look it up over and over(even if you're a person prejudiced against newbies), or in bread terms, eat and buy it over and over, and our idea is so...original, I mean, have you ever seen a blog like ours?

The spens are coated with a lead-based paint, so in case any of you have a spen, I don't recommend eating with it unless you want to die of lead poisoning. Have the best day ever.

I'm a little confused here, but I don't know why. I just have a feeling of confused-ness. Oh, and by the way, can someone explain to me why the reactions gadget at the end of the posts isn't coming up?

I want a cookie, but not just any cookie, I want a store-bought, unhealthy, fattening chocolate chip cookie. Sorry for you people who got hungry because of me. But seriously, burn some calories to take away food cravings. Or if you're just a sweet-toothed but still very fit person, I can understand. My sister and her friend made sugar cookies just now. But I want a store-bought cookie mind you.

I hate the over-sweetness of cupcakes. And for those of you who found Sporks all on your own, can you comment on how you found our lonely little blog? Thankehs.

Hiki-Channn~~~~♥ (in Mokona Modoki's way)


(a knorf is some knife/forklike utensil)

Spens are spoons and pens in one.
And i have to say that i own a spen.
Its useless. like sporks.
seriously, these gotmilk spens dont work!
and their plastic so i wouldn't eat with it.
But no ink comes out.
Like ever!
So just to warn all you sporkers out there,


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Progress Of Utensils

It started with your hands, then it prob. went to chopsticks, then in america forks and spoon were used for an ever so long time. But then, someone decided to "merge" the two together and made the spork. The spork is probably the most useful sounding untensil in utensil history, but the most useless.

We started out some school dorks who hated using cafeteria sporks, when MacaRona/Hikari came up with the idea to form a blog on spork hating and other stuff. She's a lazy bumm and it took her forever to do it, but she eventually made the blog and we got our sporks. But since then so much has happened.
We've went from a plain black background talking about how sporks stink to hiring about 3-4 more rulers, to me making my own blog (elmolvoesyousosomuhc) then firing those same people we hired, then changing the layout, then changing it again. (then me changing my blog to polishedwithdust)
Now that i look back on old posts, i see so much!
I was reading my posts and i mentioned something like "Izumi is the dark side."
well Hikari hasn't been called Izumi for months.
And I am glad to sya ive gotten less weird, bc ive never been called animal control on!
Im just proud to say that no matter hwat dumb utenisl idea comes next, like a knorf, spork will always be useless, and sporksareuseless will not.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Big Red Button hates you, Hikari.

^Yeah, that. ^

I love this thing, and I hate Hikari because she changed the layout. It's a wonder I don't strangle her in her sleep...

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Graphics and Facts



I shall now post my avatars that u can use for blogger or whatever, I don't own the pictures used.

gimme comments on em! or emails or whatever u want!

Ive also done signatures, but ill do that in another post!

NEWS! Before we had any followers, I tried to do contests but it didnt work. Now since we have followers, Ill post stuff next time about contests.

IN Hikari's profile, she states she made this blog. That is true, but I created XXYYZ-I
So technically, I should be the ruler. Im the happy one! You dudes dont wanna live in an evil place. Which brigns me to fact number 2. The Evil Umpire of Darth Vader is near XXYYZ-I. Maybe were in a starwars movie!


Friday, January 30, 2009


ive been at Hogwarts, sorry.

The Floss is here.
Lately I've been doing a lot of
computer graphics.
Avatars, signatures,
if you'd like to see them, COMMENT.
and also to our viewers who actually view,
AJ, MuseOfRandomness (hope i spelled correctly)
Please spread the word about sporks and XXYYZ-I

Now enough about the blog, lets talk about me!
Ive decided to start posting on ElmoLvoesYou, SO please
Check it out. Ill be posting parodies and stuff about FlossingSunshine,
but Ill also post stuff about the girl behind the BellBottom pants and hippy ribbons.
yes you'll find out mroe about me, and my friends.
And also short stories I've written. Such as, The King WHo Loved O.J. which i may or may not post. you decide.
And also, If you gyus wanna contact me, gimme comments outside the blog, please do so at


Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!
And happy birthday Mr. [InsertName]!!!!
So anyway, it's Chinese New Year today, people, and I'm super happy because I have blessed rice and you don't! Also because it's the year of the ox/ moo-cow, which is me and Hikari's Chinese Zodiac Birth Year!!!!!!!
So yeah, just thought you guys might wanted to know..........

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Leo & Aeris Caramell Dansen

For fans of VG Cats, this is them doing the Caramell Dansen dance. Enjoyyyy~~~~

Saturday, January 10, 2009


A friend of mine, Mari mention something about the song caramell dansen. (we lurve that song now)

It sounds like this

Dan send me ohs,
eat a handbag,
yours only yours,
dolores 'fraid of dance dance,
its no lie,
'rissa in the club sayn',
"meh and meh mari are caramelldansen!"