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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thanks for posting! >.<

Thank you for posting a comment you random crazy people, I'm only calling you crazy cuz whoever reads Sporks is officially pronounced crazy/insane.

Please spread the word of this lonely little blog here, thanks if you do! I love reading your comments guys, so keep up the good work.

I would like to recommend a new blog called (It's Popsicle-Chan's blog and see the comments to see who is Popsicle-Chan.)

I also like AJ's blog too, again, see the comments.

I like Muse's blogs, she is really funny.

Thanks for commenting, people!
Spaghetti Bunnies know where you live....>w<

Saturday, December 27, 2008

SUnshine Is Back!!

Sunshine heereee. Sorry I've been busy reading but I solemnly swear (that im up to no good) that i shall post more often

Okay sooo, I finished the Order Of The Phoenix (OOTP), And I have to sya that OOTP is a fantabuliciousrifficle book. Minus the death of Sirius Black.
I read the frst stroy in the Tales Of Beedle The Bard. It was very nice.
ANd I'm currently reading Breaking Dawn. (JACOB)

I shall warn you, if you need to decide which series to read, Twilight, or Harry Potter, it's Harry Potter hands down and a bucket of soy sauce.

For christmas I got
Jacob Wall Scroll, Edward Wall Scroll
The Tales oF Beedle The Bard, Fantastic Beasts and where to find them
Twilight Movie companion
Twilight keychain
Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Calendar (yay)
A JKR (Jk Rowling) biography. Gotta love JKR.
SOme clothes
A sparkle ring
A Twilight Poster
A CHocolate Frog with wizards card (like form harry potter. my friend gave it to me. it tastes good.)
some bracelets and earrings.

I had a good christmas. I ate good food, got to see people who were like "Oh Sunshine I haven't seen you in soo long.!!" and I dont evne know who they are. And I spoke to some kids I've known liek my whole life who I only see once a year and they are not even related to me their just in the family you know?

Sunshine Is Out!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Hullo guys! I'm back!Did you miss me? No?Okay....
So anyhoos, I'm back from a cruise and it was awesome!
But I got sand in my pants, so when I took off my pants to take a shower, a whole pile of sand fell to the floor.
But that news is over the tape and a piece of pumpkin pie.
How is your day so far? You going to do something for the holidays and get lots of gifts like the spoiled brats you are? Just kidding.AHAHA!!KNEE-SLAP KNEE-SLAP!!
Well anyway, it's winter break over here on planet XXYYZ-I I dunno about you guys but it's two blissful weeks without school and I'm not going back until Janus-month(January)!
So I hope you all have wonderful holidays either eating latkes,spinning dreidles,or for you Christmas folk out there, putting up the Christmas tree!Kwanza people,I have no idea what the heck you do, but Mappy Kwanza!

Bye and Mappy Christ-nuka people!
~Spaghetti Bunny

Monday, November 17, 2008

Yo, Spag-tea Bun-neh here!

Heeeeeyyyyy guys! I'm heeerrreeee!!

Yeah, so Izumi's right, with alll the wailing toddlers in the mall that deafen you across the mall.
I absolutely hate babies, except my little cousin Sharon, who recently turned 3 and is very cute.

Izumi! You're so mean!!!!!! I love to gaily skip around like a singing maniac! Anyway, your apology is accepted if you give me that miniature Harpy that eats the Jonas Brothers' liver out and the tiny guillotine. Or that best-selling Tickle-Me-Wang...

Oh yeah, readers, you don't know about our Tickle-Me toys, so let me explain.

Tickle-Me-Prissy is Sunshine, and she steals yo' monay foo'!

Tickle-Me-Nickle is the most boring of the Toys and only says "I hate you all" and does the blah-blah duck-hand thing. if you call to him, make sure you call him "Nickel", not "Nicholas", or he doesn't respond.

Can-Can Wang (me)does the can-can and also steals yo' monay!

Tickle-Me-Wang (Izumi)is the most famous, as violent children squeal in delight as Tickle-Me-Wang chops off Barbie's head! Mom never has to cry cutting onions ever again! Felt buttering knife can be replaced in order to do so.

All right! *claps hands together* That's the grand tour of one of your typical XXYYZ-I stores!


(Spaghetti.Bunny is absent right now and will shortly return after the mutant radioactive brain-eating blobs stop trying to suck out her brain. Technical difficulties, please wait...)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008



Ban Notice: Izumi is now temporarily banned from XXYYZ-I. She'll have to live on the Evil Empire for 1 month. Her Waber-gun has been confiscated. Have A Sunshiney Day.

Hay sunshine here! You may have noticed Izumi's ban notice from the guards of XXYYZ-I. The guards are very strict and keep everything clean here on Sporksareuseless and XXYYZ-I.

Okay well here is some stuff regarding StarWars the CLoneWars

Have you ever noticed that clone sounds like colgne? Well i was speaking to my sister and I was talking 'bout clone wars and i was talking weird so i said

"Oh guess what? CLone Wars is ON!"

And she says

"Did you just say calogne wars is on?"

and then we cracked up blah blah. then later in the nice i say

"You know what stinks abotu clone wars though?"

and she says

"Stinks! hahahahah"

get it stinks calogne? calogne stinks? heheh.

Ill post a new psot about special edition waber guns

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A SHOUT OUT TO TALL KIDS and other stuff

FlossingSunshine here.

I know ya'll have missed meh, but I've been busaayy. Okay so onto important stuff, me!

Okay well as Izumi said, i make my nostrils really big and turn My smile into a happy frown when I try to hold in laughter.

I may seem average height since this is the Internet and most kids are really short. (all respects) but IM REALLY TALL. FREAKISHLY TALL IF YOU ASK BABULOUS GIRL. WAYY TOO TALL. But it's awesome man. I can see everyones heads. So if you are freakishly tall, don't try to be shorter, let everyone else try to be taller. You'll see how awesome and of more authority you'll feel. *Wink* *wink* *twitch*


This Friday I'm going to probably go to dee premiere of it with Babulous Girl. If you are going to see it, gimme a comment. I would take Izumi and Spaghetti Bunny, but they don't wanna pay. Or at least Izumi doens't.

Well, in the Little Einsteins club, every Annie we've had has QUIT ON US. So she's officially went to London four years early. It's official. Since I still wanna be Leo, we'll either,
1) seriously try to get GirlyHairFlip and Nickel to join the club or

2) just not use a character to replace Annie.

See you reaaalllll soon!


Monday, October 13, 2008

About Spaghetti Bunny

HI! I'm Spaghetti Bunny!!!! Yo! Wazzup dah Floss??!! Hey Nerdie, Muu da bunneh, Bab.
One potato, two potato, .........
Wait, what? Oh yeah... Posting, that's it.
Well, I'm yer mew member here at sporksareuseless!! And I swear I'm gunna strangles Izoom fer saying "flossing sunshine" in an annoying aristocratic lady voice. Izuumm ith mee sis. Idaho. Cheez. Duxs. flauwahs. O ri', posting. Likes my avii peeps?
Wow, this blog has only like, two non-author viewers. One of them being the sporkdork blog owner and some rando' persum. If you are a random persun, comment so we kno r bloggeh isn't as loneleh as we thot we are. Livers. Mwahaha-heh. Happy Chinese New Year 2009 in a couple months, you Chinese people out there... If you are out there, liek I said, two viewers....
Spaghetti Bunnies!!!!!!
Soy sauce. Byee

Thursday, October 2, 2008

OMHJP! and Fitsish

That food up there is Fitsish. The Best fish food/human food ever! More flavors will be coming soon. Such as Tropical Asian Watermelon and Zesty Japanese. Please comment flavors you'd like to see. And if it asks your for a gmail, make one up or use a friends. Or make one.

Ok so, Sunshine Is BACK!

I know I haven't posted in a little while but just want you to know, I'm still alive. (and likes comments. and potato chips. and ROCKS)

So, Izumi (ee zoo mee) posted saying HARRY POTTER IS NOT A GOD. He might not be, but he freaking awesome. She said that because....

I used to say Oh My Harry James Potter instead of oh my god. And that really got on Izumi's nerves. So I have learned not to say that anymore. (Until Izumi leaves) But, Harry Potter is still the bomb digity yo. (PLUS Daniel Radcliffe is cute too)

And Thats all I got to say.
I love floss is that okay?

-FlossingSunshine (your poster girl. hehe)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kool-Aid Powder

Hello People of..err..places. It's Sunshine here. Here is a post about what me and Izumi are addicted too..

Alrightyyy then, let's begin.

One day in my lunch box my mom put a pouch. At lunch Izumi asked if she could eat it. I was all like "It's just powder, probably doesn't taste good" but she didn't care and tried some anyways. And I tried some too. On that day, we became addicted to Kool-Aid Singles powder.


Such a beautiful story, no? Well no Izumi threatens to murder me if I don't bring in Kool-aid powder. So now I must bring in Kool-Aid powder at least three times a week.

Just felt like sharing,



^Take that Izumi^

Friday, September 12, 2008

Planet Anthem

Ever wondered what the official song of XXYYZ-I is? It's a little song called "Our Planet's Cruel Things" It is sung to the tune of "My Favorite Things"

Bloodrops on sporks with a bit of intestine
No Microwaves and no money to invest in.
If you like sporks then we'll hurt you and sing-
"These are a few of our planet's cruel things"

Ice cream cake with icing is banned and unwanted.
Ghosts lurke 'round 'careful you may become haunted.
Dragons with fire fly 'round with their wings.
These are a few of our planet's cruel things.

People with light sabers fighting from Vader.
Don't fight off villians we'll call you a traitor.
We'll poke you with sporks untill you start puking.
These are a few of our planet's cruel thinggss!!

When the sun shines
When the moon lights
When the planet's nice
We simply remeber our planet's cruel things
And at Sunshine we throoowww riceeee.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sporks Are Useless

Ok onto spork hating. This is sporksareuseless. We hate sporks because;

You cant drink soup with them. It just freakin' spills out! *Presses Useless Button* "That was useless."

You can't stab meat with them. Its flippin' impossible to eat steak with a spork. *Presses useless button* "That was useless."

And sporks are just too sporky. I'd rather have a proper fork and spoon then a spork! And sporks are always plastic. Can't they make metal sporks? *Presses Useless button* "That was useless."

There are just my personal opinions on sporks, and for all you spork lovers, I have nothing against that, just don't come to XXYYZ-I, Or Izumi may just, err never mind.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Waber-guns are a mix between wands, light sabres, and Storm Trooper guns. Of course, when Voldy charges around and sez "Expelliarmus!", then there goes the wand part of your waber-gun. But you can just go, "Heck wid dis!" and BANG(with your gun part), there goes Voldy. :) Sunshine wasn't kidding about me being dark an' deadly. :p Can't blame her, can you?

About Sunshine

Haay, Sunshine here! I'm the, you could say co-ruler of XXYYZ-I. I created the name. Cool, no?
Here's a few details you might want to know about me before I start posting stuff about the planet.

Some might say people have tried to call animal control on me. I would have to agree this has happened before. Or has it?
I'm the happy part of XXYYZ-I here while Izumi down there is the dark deadly part. (As they say. XXYYZ-I is the planet of happiness and death!). I am not a very skilled wabergun fighter. (More about waberguns coming soon) But I do enjoy wand fights. I'm just your average crazy-in-the-head-yet-smart XXYYZ-I ruler.