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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Prank Calling

So anyhoos, Geraldine the Chipmunk, Sunshine, Hikari, and I were all talking about prank calling Pizza Hut today but we don't plan to do it anytime soon. Here are some examples:

Sunshine: "Hi, can I have an ice cream?"
Pizza Hut: "Umm...This is Pizza Hut..."
S: "I'm confused, puzzled, and in a daze..." (Sunshine likes the Naked Brothers Band)

PH: "Pizza Hut, can we take your order?"
Chipmunk: "I want a large pepperoni pizza and a diet water."
PH: "'am, there's---"
C: "Excuse me? I thought I said I wanted a diet water, are you saying that I can't have diet water? WHAT KIND OF RESTAURANT ARE YOU?!?!?"

Sunshine: "Hi, can I have a Pocketful of Sunshine?"
PH: "Umm...this is Pizza Hut, I'm pretty sure we don't sell those..."
S: *sniffle* -hangs up-

Sunshine: "Hi, can I order a large cheese pizza?"
PH: "Yeah, sure, you would never guess how many prank calls we've gotten today, I'm relieved to hear a normal order. Address?"
S: "Sure! 123 Sesame Street."
PH: "Can you tell me how to get how to get to Sesame Street~~~?"
S: "No. I can't." -hangs up-

If you'd like to leave a message, please leave your message after the tone. After you have finished recording your message, you may hang up or press "one" for more options.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Questions about ham and fangirl shirts

answers to ur questions.

Yeah canadian bacon rocks bc it's just ham, but with a particular taste, not as good as american ham.

And id totally make fnagirl shrits, but they'd be wicked cuz i do computer graphics!
Fangirl shrits make the world go round, along with fanfiction.

I love fanfiction, and if u read fanfiction, gimme a comment or send me ur fav fanfic (stuff id understand please)

short post but im kinda bsuy now.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Man Hugs and 3:10 am, oh and canadian bacon


Welcome viewers, ive noticed, and Hikari has pointed out, that my posts never get as many comments as the others;. I FEEL ALONE. (with the people i meet) nbb song.
ANoywho, i got back form a sleepover today,a nd it was so much fun,. but im not gunna say everytihng.

We were watching the Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix, late at night, and sirius and harry were all like *manhug* so we decided that everytime we went downstairs to get food, we would go practice manhugging. So I KNOW HOW TO MANHUG,
And i had Canadian Bacon along with other stuff for breakfast. SLICED HAM!

Pshh,. after the OOTP, we wanted to watch the POA (prisoner of azkaban) but we kept randomly flaling asleep, and it wasl already 2:50am so we decided we'd finish it in the later morning. And the last time i checked the clock it was 3:10.

I made yet another HArryPotter fangirl shirt.

And well tomorrow is my sister's brithday, we got her an iPod. I hope she doesn't read this blog.
I want an iPod, ill get one when they go down in price a little. (new nano)
I realize im jsut tlaking about stuff you people truely dont give a care about. (QUite frankly my dear i dont give a damn, [that quote form that movie that ive heaard in the beginning of Natural Disaster])

I've got to be the very best, like no one ever wassss!!!

-sunshine and ehr boring life that no one ever comments about because its just that dorky. *sigh* EEPPPUHHZ GEEPUHZ I USED THE WORD SIGH. AHH
long story

Thursday, February 19, 2009


How do you fit 3 Mudkips and two Charizards on the same bus?!? YOU JUST POKE 'EM ON!!!!
Ah ha ha! Get it?!? Pokemon? No one? Fine. Be that way.

So anyway, Sunshine and I just got obsessed with Pokemon yesterday. Randomly. Like always. But we're only pretending to be obsessed, we don't have cards or anything. The only thing I have is this really old Pokemon board game that I don't know how to play, and we bought it before I was born, during first generation Pokemon, so I think that board game is already vintage by now.

We don't have cards, this kid even memorized his. "Oh well, y'see, let's say that a bulbasaur has an attack of 20hp for ...vine whip, and like..." By then I just stopped listening because I thought he was such a dork for spewing Pokemon card crap.

Sunshine has some electronic games for poke mon, but they're not really hers, they're her sister's. And they only have them because they're fun, not that they like pokemon that much.

Sunshine and I just like the first generation theme song(ooohhh, you're my best frie-nd, in a world we must defeennddd). Sound familiar anyone?
So yeah, that's the latest news.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A whole new loaf

Sorry about the random title, I just didn't want to use Miscellaneous again. A whole new loaf is a parody that I made of A whole new world.

So like, Sporks Are Useless is like a whole new loaf of bread. I guess we're considered as a "new-ish" blog, but I guess our blog is just so cool you just wanna look it up over and over(even if you're a person prejudiced against newbies), or in bread terms, eat and buy it over and over, and our idea is so...original, I mean, have you ever seen a blog like ours?

The spens are coated with a lead-based paint, so in case any of you have a spen, I don't recommend eating with it unless you want to die of lead poisoning. Have the best day ever.

I'm a little confused here, but I don't know why. I just have a feeling of confused-ness. Oh, and by the way, can someone explain to me why the reactions gadget at the end of the posts isn't coming up?

I want a cookie, but not just any cookie, I want a store-bought, unhealthy, fattening chocolate chip cookie. Sorry for you people who got hungry because of me. But seriously, burn some calories to take away food cravings. Or if you're just a sweet-toothed but still very fit person, I can understand. My sister and her friend made sugar cookies just now. But I want a store-bought cookie mind you.

I hate the over-sweetness of cupcakes. And for those of you who found Sporks all on your own, can you comment on how you found our lonely little blog? Thankehs.

Hiki-Channn~~~~♥ (in Mokona Modoki's way)


(a knorf is some knife/forklike utensil)

Spens are spoons and pens in one.
And i have to say that i own a spen.
Its useless. like sporks.
seriously, these gotmilk spens dont work!
and their plastic so i wouldn't eat with it.
But no ink comes out.
Like ever!
So just to warn all you sporkers out there,


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Progress Of Utensils

It started with your hands, then it prob. went to chopsticks, then in america forks and spoon were used for an ever so long time. But then, someone decided to "merge" the two together and made the spork. The spork is probably the most useful sounding untensil in utensil history, but the most useless.

We started out some school dorks who hated using cafeteria sporks, when MacaRona/Hikari came up with the idea to form a blog on spork hating and other stuff. She's a lazy bumm and it took her forever to do it, but she eventually made the blog and we got our sporks. But since then so much has happened.
We've went from a plain black background talking about how sporks stink to hiring about 3-4 more rulers, to me making my own blog (elmolvoesyousosomuhc) then firing those same people we hired, then changing the layout, then changing it again. (then me changing my blog to polishedwithdust)
Now that i look back on old posts, i see so much!
I was reading my posts and i mentioned something like "Izumi is the dark side."
well Hikari hasn't been called Izumi for months.
And I am glad to sya ive gotten less weird, bc ive never been called animal control on!
Im just proud to say that no matter hwat dumb utenisl idea comes next, like a knorf, spork will always be useless, and sporksareuseless will not.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Big Red Button hates you, Hikari.

^Yeah, that. ^

I love this thing, and I hate Hikari because she changed the layout. It's a wonder I don't strangle her in her sleep...