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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm heer!

Random fact: An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.
Hikari didn't post on Monday, so now she is the first person in blogger history to receive 2 punishments in a row. Her punishment (was given to her by me) is to post an entire post acrostic-ly.
And so, yesterday I found this really cool
Bar that is famous for its sign, which openly
Complains about get it. This is the link:
It CAN'T be like:
Arghdiumdebleh I hate you Toast
Bahgletibleh I hate this punishment
Curse you, Toast!
So yeah. Sunshine didn't post twice in a row too, so technically she needs to have a punishment, but she's excused.
Do you know Vocaloid? And Miku's song, Black Rock Shooter? Well, there's gonna make it into an anime!!! But sadly, it's coming out in April, so far away...-_-Here's a link to Vocaloid songs: the last song is a trailer and is the person making it, I think...
I dunno what else to post, so bye bye!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I dunno...

^You can fill out the blank there^
Random fact: Cockroaches can adapt to all of the poisons and pesticides you throw at them. And Hikari didn't post, so that means if she misses it again, then she'll make the record of first blogger to get 2 punishments in a row. Also, Toastie has no idea what to post about, so this'll be one really lame post.
I'll ask random questions, then.
Q:What language do you think in?
Your A:_____________
Q:Have you seen Monty Python?
Your A:_____________
Q:Do you think coconuts migrate?
Your A:_____________
Q:Do you think this is a lame post?
A:Yes! That's a no-brainer!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Barbie Eat A Sandwich To Survive

^barbie eat a sandwich, barbie eat a sandwich^
There are so many things wrong with that song. It's just musically incorrect.
So, I'm confused, puzzled, and in a daze. Sort of.
So it's pre-valentines day and I got Twilight Sweethearts, they sparkle. Ahh Twilight. Good Times.
Onto real news, Percy Jackson and the Olympitards. That movie looks so bad. I was invited to see it, but I'm not wasting money based on that trailer. What about ya'll? I didn't read the books, so I feel nothing towards it.
Onto even realer news, jackets and holding them. Toast and I were throwing a tennis ball at a wall in gym today and she didn't wanna hold her jacket, so when I suggest she tie it around her waist she replied, "But it looks weird~~" What's up with everyone thinking it looks weird? Of coarse it does there's a flipping Jacket around your Waist! but it's so convenient. Furrealious.
And even realer, realer news: Let's play the book game! Imma ask a question, open to a random page in a book, point at any sentence and it will answer my question.
q: What is god? A:Crash-crash-crash. (HP&the Chamber of Secrets)
q: if Sporks are useless was a person,what would it tell its valentine? a: It was hard to believe you were so irresistible. (Twilight)
aww thats not nice.
Oh well, we're not a very nice blog. Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Random fact: Broccoli is an inside-out flower.
So it'd be nerd-tastic if someone gave another person a chunk of broccoli and say, "Here you go! Have some flowers!"
Fungi is really cool. Long before plants grew on Earth, fungi came and broke down the rock to make soil. And the mushroom is only the reproducing part, so if you wanna get rid of mushrooms, you're only chopping off the reproducing part. The actual fungi-part is underground; it's just not reproducing. But the more the mushroom moves, the more the spores get shaken out, so you're actually spreading the fungi. Fungi kinda works like the movie Avatar, with all the blue people connecting with the earth and stuff. It's a whole network underground in the really old forests, and they attach to trees. When they attach to trees, it's kinda like the crocodile and the bird. The bird gets the croc's leftover food, and the crocodile gets free dentistry, except with fungi, they exchange nurtrients and stuff. Termites have adapted to sensing fungi spores in the air, because if they eat the spores/mushroom, the spore grows inside of them until finally, they die because the fungi grew too big. So this scientist guy who knows all about fungi has a termite problem in his house. He genetically modifies a few mushrooms so that they won't give off spores. The termites ate the mushrooms, and then they exploded from the fungi growing inside of them. But the fungi that grew out of that grew spores, so no more termites in that guy's house.
Sorry about blabbing on and on about fungi. I just didn't know what to post.

Monday, February 8, 2010

La la la la la la la Zorro's back~~

(Actually, I'm back)
D'ARMGUHBLEH SUNSHINE I HATE YOUU. Not really, though. This is the first punishment of SAU. I feel honored and ashamed. A post of song lyrics... (btw, the new paragraphs mean new, random, sort of related topics) So here goes:

He was right up on the glass all yellow eyed black teeth bangin' on the windshield screaming like a demon at the top of his lungs–
I'm yo' biggest fan, I'll folla' you until you love me–
I don't love youuu, like I did... yester-er-da-ay–
I'll keep tossing rocks at 'chur window–
There was a terrible cra-ash–
Romeo take me–
Just around the riverbend–
Soaring, tumbling–
Catch me, as I fall–
Facedown in the di-irt–

I wanna be praised from a new perspective–
Ya beau-ta-faalll–
You set mah soul alive–
It's truuee–
Hey there–
Never mi-ind there's a lake–
Under the sea–
Fishy in the sea–
I feel alone–
When did your heart go missing?–
At my fu-u-ner-ralllll–

And I'd pro-mise you an-y-thing–
You swear on your li-ife–

Now it's raining mo' than eva–
Un-derneath the green~ um-brella–

Cut up all the–
Beef, pork, chicken!–
And scrubbing up the–
Blood, blood, gallons of the stuff!–
From all the hearts and the wrists you allegedly slit–

We sure are in for a show tonight–
So lo-ong, and good ni-ight~~
(Post what relations you see! Btw, none of these songs were made by me AT ALL, just strung together at the top of my head. Please don't sue me... T^T )

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First post of February!

Random fact: There are 4 species of bears that don't hibernate in the winter. Of the four is the Giant Panda. Actually, this is 2 facts, but I don't suppose Sunshine will let me not post one in my next post.
I think I should mention this, because Sunshine just told me. Sunshine said that whoever misses posting/posting a random fact twice in a row will get punished. (She got the idea from the vlogbrothers, on Youtube, although we can't have the weird/sometimes dangerous punishments that they have because we have families and they might wonder why we need to go to the store and buy do-it-yourself waxing kits.)This includes you, Hikari! Hikari's punishment is to make a normal-sized post completely out of song lyrics that make some sense the next time she posts. And if we forget because of projects or being grounded or something, it's just too bad for us.
Sunshine is my master, and I am her sock-puppet.
^Don't ask^
And turns out, I know 3 people who were born on Groundhogs day, and 2 on Friday the 13th. Speaking of groundhogs, Punxatawney Phil is FRIKKIN' FAT. I swear! They people hold him with two hands and the fat still blorbs over the sides! And I've seen (on Animal Planet) that real ground hogs are NOT supposed to be that fat!