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Friday, November 27, 2009

Hey it's cousin marti!

randomfact: New Moon is Ranked nubmer 3 for US opening highest grossing films.
Sunshine here, and gosh I have an interesting story.
So people right? Yeah, totally. THEY ARE WEIRD. And people with phones are even weirder.
Especially wrong numbers or prank calls. But what about wrong number texts?? you don't know whose speaking!!!
That happened to me on Thanksgiving.
i got two texts from numbers not on my contacts saying happy thanksgiving. So the first time i said "A bunch of contacts on my phone got deleted. how do u spell ur name" and she was my friend and she was like "Kim. duh" so i seem dumb.
And secondly, i was watching Twilight with my sister when the second Happythxgiving text comes. and when i say the same thing she says "Luv u! it's Tica or cousin Marti!"
So my loving sister decides to grab my phone and texts "Dude you have wrong number! This is Adam Sandler!"
She never replied. Perhaps she's a Jim Carrey fan? gahhh.
I'll never look at Adam Sandler the same way again.
I hope I don't get spam from her friends saying "We love you adam!!"

This is HIkari editting in: Toast and I- Thanksgiving cruise. Don't expect us back soon.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Not rly tho.

Enough with the internet-speak. So, I have nothing to post about except that I'm going on a cruise for Thanksgiving!! Who else is going to "skip school on Thursday/Friday to see New Moon"? XD
Random Fact: There is a real place called Poop Creek. It's in Oregon. ♥
Does anyone other than myself absolutely and positively despise math? My dad was teaching me square roots for this learning company's homework (as if I don't have enough to do anyway) and he was all "Nooo Hikari, square roots are fun. You've come to an extremely interesting part of mathematics." And was like, nooooo it's not. And-ha-my-nooo-is-longer-than-yours-daddo. Yahh.

I'm tired. And tea kept me awake for like, and hour last night. So I'm like, even more tired than usual. But I still love tea. Other warm drinks to enjoy are: milk+honey and hot chocolate, but not together, eww. By the way, milk and sugar in tea is only good in like, English tea. Asian tea: not so much. It's more like a eww-get-those-things-away-from-my-cup kind of thing than an acquired taste. You'd probably would drag your tongue across sand to get the taste out, although I've never tried it myself. But even so, a lot of people say Asian tea is not something to have milk added into it. Sugar is alright.

By the way, Sunshine says my posts are boring. Can anyone tell me how I can improve?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Soapy sausages!

^Don't ask^
Random fact: All people a long long time ago could rite however they wonted to becuz there was Inglish, but no perminant language (e.g. you could write "write" as "rite" and "bought" as "bot"and so on.). So Mr. Webster came along and said, "Heer. You kin has dictionary nao, this is how it's spelled, k thanx bai." This is why I spelled wrong in this paragraph. So that's why my Webster's dictionary is so accurate!
So sorry about not posting for a long time, I had a lot of homework some days, including my posting days. >.<" -bows- Apparently people are making a movie on The Lightning Thief, and failed at producing an Artemis Fowl movie. Speaking of movies, we bought Up today!♥ It's so cute!!! And a Disney 365 person was with the voice actor for Dug, and they did the funniest thing ever. They took a real Golden Retriever and attached the dog collar from Up with a speaker on it. They put the dog, along with a whole bunch of hidden cameras into a park. Then they hid someplace and the voice actor for Dug spoke into a microphone in Dug's voice, so all the kids in the park were all like, "Mommy, look! It's Dug!"
Also, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are so famous from Twilight, right? So they tour all around the world. And they went to this random city in Canada, where they didn't welcome hoods because that apparently meant that you would mug someone. So Robert Pattinson did an experiment. He put on a hood and kinda twitched his whole body. Everyone moved to the other side of the street. Psh. Hikari told me the story from Time magazine.
(If you must know about the title, my mom was soaking sausage so she could peel their skin off for the meat inside. She washed a take-out container and rinsed it, but the sausages were in the sink, so a little soap got in the sausage water, hence, the title.)
Well this post was long. Hope you're satisfied. Bye bye you guys!♥
(P.S., are all the Spork Followers girls?)

Friday, November 13, 2009

New Sporks Blogger? YOU CHOOSE!

OKay, so here's our plan.
It's kind of tough blogging once a week because of schedules and because it forces us to come up with things to talk about instead of just freely sharing stories. So instead of posting every week we're thinking of this.
1 week, hikari and toast will post. Then the next week, Me and random other will post. And it will continue on like that.
do ya'll want to see a prep
another nerd
a fierce girl
a guy
or I<3wonwon?? WHAT DO YOU WANT? I'll set up a poll for ya'll to vote to see who you'd like to see on sporks, and if you even like this. PS, i think this means that each individual would only be seen on sporks TWICE A MONTH.
~sun (ps. sporks raised 780 grains of rice)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Watch me, you~ Crank dat soulja boy

^lets not and say we did^
So its kind of late and I dont want to think, so imma do a 10 scary facts about me thing. I CHALLENGE ALL WHO READ THIS TO COMMENT OR POST ON THEIR BLOG 10 SCARY THINGS ABOUT THEM
1. I like old Hilary Duff music (im wakin up to the beat of my heart!)
2. I'm eating Strawberry ice cream out of the carton (because Im BIG I'm BAD you know it.)
3.I like the Naked Brothers Band (alot.)
4. Last night i watched hannah montana and laughed 3 times.
5. I OWN A HANNAH MONTANA WIG (im unusual, not so typical, way too nerd to be cool you know, Manga reading, Starfleet training, i could fix the prob with ur comp, i might even be a Popstar)
6. I was once a prep.
7. I own 3 Twilight posters
8. When I was in Kindergarten I wanted to be a pianist (and artist. lol.) My parents bought me a keyboard (average $300). I didn't learn to play it till 5 years later.
9.I have a habit of biting, ripping, or peeling off my skin.
10. You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back.
11. Where there is love, I'll be there.
12. I totally just broke the 10 scary things rule