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Friday, March 25, 2011

Juno (Spoiler Warning)

Honestly, this movie was amazing. And really indie.

At first I didn't wanna watch it because it's about a pregnant teen; sounds idiotic, right?
It's really not.
The dialog was awesome and really funny and the characterisation was great; Cera's character had very little screen time, but all the other characters supplied enough background information for us to fully understand everyone's incredulity. Brenda's dog obsession was shown when she was depicted cutting out pictures of dogs although it was mentioned only once, and later she's seen again at that desk with scissors, but this time it's to give Juno's clothing the waistband they need.
Then Juno herself was hilarious and I absolutely loved her. Her attitude seems nonchalant but what she says kinda makes you think she's cranky and possibly harboring some dark grudge when in reality she isn't; it's just who she is. She seems momentarily pissed off about her parents' divorce in the introduction and when she confronts her dad about love, but that's not a main part of her personality.
You could also see the depth of Juno and Bleeker's relationship in the props: Bleeker also had a hamburger phone in his bedroom, just like Juno. At one point in the movie (I forget where) there was a picture of their band, before they even mentioned Juno played guitar.
The whole movie was actually not realistic, it has the guise of being so, but it's not. Her father and stepmother took the news a bit too quietly (my parents would chew my head off my neck with their own teeth and with the help of some rusty garden tools) and she shouldn't have been able to go to school for the last few months because her doctor would've wanted her in the hospital. No one in the world would fall in love with a teacher like Leah liked; it's just crazy. The Loring couple seemed too perfect, even when they divorced it wasn't strong enough to distract the unbelievability, and the fact that the Penny Saver had child advertisements was just outrageous. Actually, the whole idea of the divorce wasn't strong and wasn't developed all the way through. Mark Loring was a freaking pedophile; sincerely creepy. Ultrasound technicians aren't so uppity, either; they usually share their clients' joy and wonderment at seeing developing life. What make you think it was realistic was that her dad and Brenda had Liberty Bell that showed that they truly were happy together although Liberty Bell herself was entirely useless. She couldn't even help Juno feel better by saying something innocent or even make the movie awkward by asking what happened to her sister.
The camera angles or whatever you call them were perfect and everything was visually stunning and pleasing. Everything was well-lit and pretty much gorgeous, the sets as well.
When Juno confronts her dad about a vaguely-placed question about love, the answer he provides is jaw-dropping: It is definitely possible for someone to to be happy for the rest of their life with someone. It might take some tries, but you'll find someone who loves you for who you are, fat or skinny, ugly or pretty, they'll "think the sun shines out of your a**".
I loved it.

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Nicolas Lopez said...

And this is one of my fav movies everr. I has this (and Im pretty sure I already told you the story about my lil sis and this movie)

Anonymous said...

Thanks~ I still don't know how to think about your sister, though.

Mack-ATTACK said...


I really want one of those cheeseburger phones xD