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Monday, October 13, 2008

About Spaghetti Bunny

HI! I'm Spaghetti Bunny!!!! Yo! Wazzup dah Floss??!! Hey Nerdie, Muu da bunneh, Bab.
One potato, two potato, .........
Wait, what? Oh yeah... Posting, that's it.
Well, I'm yer mew member here at sporksareuseless!! And I swear I'm gunna strangles Izoom fer saying "flossing sunshine" in an annoying aristocratic lady voice. Izuumm ith mee sis. Idaho. Cheez. Duxs. flauwahs. O ri', posting. Likes my avii peeps?
Wow, this blog has only like, two non-author viewers. One of them being the sporkdork blog owner and some rando' persum. If you are a random persun, comment so we kno r bloggeh isn't as loneleh as we thot we are. Livers. Mwahaha-heh. Happy Chinese New Year 2009 in a couple months, you Chinese people out there... If you are out there, liek I said, two viewers....
Spaghetti Bunnies!!!!!!
Soy sauce. Byee

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