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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A SHOUT OUT TO TALL KIDS and other stuff

FlossingSunshine here.

I know ya'll have missed meh, but I've been busaayy. Okay so onto important stuff, me!

Okay well as Izumi said, i make my nostrils really big and turn My smile into a happy frown when I try to hold in laughter.

I may seem average height since this is the Internet and most kids are really short. (all respects) but IM REALLY TALL. FREAKISHLY TALL IF YOU ASK BABULOUS GIRL. WAYY TOO TALL. But it's awesome man. I can see everyones heads. So if you are freakishly tall, don't try to be shorter, let everyone else try to be taller. You'll see how awesome and of more authority you'll feel. *Wink* *wink* *twitch*


This Friday I'm going to probably go to dee premiere of it with Babulous Girl. If you are going to see it, gimme a comment. I would take Izumi and Spaghetti Bunny, but they don't wanna pay. Or at least Izumi doens't.

Well, in the Little Einsteins club, every Annie we've had has QUIT ON US. So she's officially went to London four years early. It's official. Since I still wanna be Leo, we'll either,
1) seriously try to get GirlyHairFlip and Nickel to join the club or

2) just not use a character to replace Annie.

See you reaaalllll soon!


1 people actually love us.:

Muse Of Randomness said...

*blink* Now I just feel shorter than normal. *cries*

I feel as if I am the only one who doesn't like HSM. My friend went to see it today.

Little Einsteins?? Okaaaaay... Not going to ask. Too easily confused.