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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thanks for posting! >.<

Thank you for posting a comment you random crazy people, I'm only calling you crazy cuz whoever reads Sporks is officially pronounced crazy/insane.

Please spread the word of this lonely little blog here, thanks if you do! I love reading your comments guys, so keep up the good work.

I would like to recommend a new blog called (It's Popsicle-Chan's blog and see the comments to see who is Popsicle-Chan.)

I also like AJ's blog too, again, see the comments.

I like Muse's blogs, she is really funny.

Thanks for commenting, people!
Spaghetti Bunnies know where you live....>w<

4 people actually love us.:

Jade (Popsicle Chan) said...

glad you're enjoying sporksareuseless. I know I am.

Muse Of Randomness said...

Wow thanks. xD I don't find myself funny but other people seem to. I don't get it.

AJ said...

i'll write a post on my blog about popsiclesrock, k? ya, i know my blog is kewl. :) Muse, im gonna visit u. b ready!!

a bunny made of speghetti knows where i live? kewl. come on over. I love pasta.

Spaghetti Bunny said...

Nooooo, AJ, don't eat my bunnies!
AJ, Hikari put the followers list up, so you now can follow this blog.
Yes Muse, many people find you funny.