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Friday, November 27, 2009

Hey it's cousin marti!

randomfact: New Moon is Ranked nubmer 3 for US opening highest grossing films.
Sunshine here, and gosh I have an interesting story.
So people right? Yeah, totally. THEY ARE WEIRD. And people with phones are even weirder.
Especially wrong numbers or prank calls. But what about wrong number texts?? you don't know whose speaking!!!
That happened to me on Thanksgiving.
i got two texts from numbers not on my contacts saying happy thanksgiving. So the first time i said "A bunch of contacts on my phone got deleted. how do u spell ur name" and she was my friend and she was like "Kim. duh" so i seem dumb.
And secondly, i was watching Twilight with my sister when the second Happythxgiving text comes. and when i say the same thing she says "Luv u! it's Tica or cousin Marti!"
So my loving sister decides to grab my phone and texts "Dude you have wrong number! This is Adam Sandler!"
She never replied. Perhaps she's a Jim Carrey fan? gahhh.
I'll never look at Adam Sandler the same way again.
I hope I don't get spam from her friends saying "We love you adam!!"

This is HIkari editting in: Toast and I- Thanksgiving cruise. Don't expect us back soon.

2 people actually love us.:

BouncingWolf said...

lol. cousin marti. lol

Muse of Randomness said...

Ewwwwwwwwie, New Moon. xD My sister and mom want to see it.

Lmfao... I like texting people with other phones, sseing as I do not own one. So I use Whitney's and start texting people, and I act nothing LIKE Whitney. xD

I'd lol if that happened.