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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm Out!


I'm not really interested in blogging anymore. I've found stuff i really love and blogging is kinda boring now. So I am leaving.
I'll keep up PWD in case i wish to blog at random, but I'm done here. I forget to post and when i try to, i dont really like it anymore. So this it.

Yeah, im really leaving sporks. It is now Hikari's and Toasts because I am done here. It's been pretty awesome to watch this site grow, but its time for me to leave. I was going to leave in september, after two years of SAU, but I wont post, so what's the point. There will be no more schedules or rules or anything for Hikari and Toast, and I'll continue to read and comment on this blog.

Thanks everyone for an awesome year and a half of blogging, and an awesome nerdy, bloggy, tiny community. I wish everyone the best with their blogs!

4 people actually love us.:

Geraldine The Chipmunk said...

Bye bye Flossy! T_T

Sharkie said...

(Sniff.....sniff) bye-bye.....:'(

FlossingSunshine said...

I'll miss ya'll! But i may redo PWD (again) and delete everything and just use that.

Addy said...

It's hard yo believe you would be bored of a blog where you can post anything