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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Long time no see, eh?
Well anyway, sorry I haven't been posting for quite a while.
I've been injured, you see. And the times I was on the computer, I didn't know what to post. So I didn't. But anyway, now I have some material, and I can post now.
You're injured??? Well, yes. You see, I went to Candy Mountain and fell after tripping on a giant peppermint. And so I got a little fracture. But I got a hard shoe and everything's good now!
Anyway, has anything weird happen to you all lately? Like really, really weird.
I know I have.
I was walking out the classroom door after 3rd period and I see this girl I know being bombarded by boys hugging her.
And if that isn't weird enough, I see Bouncing Wolf start skipping in the courtyard after lunch. And it's really weird to see a gangly boy start skipping. Trust me.
So comment, please, and tell me what weird things have happened to you lately!

2 people actually love us.:

Sharkie said...

Skipping? Psh...... you should see him DANCE. It gave me nightmares....... (shiver)........

Red Sunshine said...

lol nothing wierd happened to me.
and giant peppermint huh? how come u didn't bring back any?? :[