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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I bought Inception on blu-ray. Now that movie was bloody freakin' brilliant. Everything was so well thought-out and the seriousness was lightened by occasional humor from the colorful characters. Did you know Christopher Nolan actually built a rotating set for the hotel scene and a concrete monstrosity on a mountain for the setting of the third level of the dream? And he hired professional avalanche makers for the avalanche. The collapse of the real building on the mountain didn't work the first time because one of the explosives didn't work, so the building toppled backwards rather than an impressive face-plant, so they built a scale model in an empty parking lot and the same thing happened. They rebuilt the model and did it over again, and that one worked. Why couldn't he have done the explosion and avalanche with computer graphics? He wanted real explosions and a real avalanche. :D I loved Eames (the forger) and Cillian Murphy's eyes are the most gorgeous things ever. I really hate the combination primary red and primary blue. D: But did you know Christopher Nolan has a British accent?

Tron was amazing, too. Yeah, some of the lines were tacky, and the time settings were off (touch-screen table-computer in the 1960s? No.), but the special effects for the light cycles and fight scenes and the suits and makeup were ruddy beautiful! You have to go watch it if you haven't already. BTW, that Sam Flynn actor was awesome. You'll definitely get a massive headache from the graphics, though. I nearly had an epileptic seizure. Figuratively.
Although, if you have watched it, can you explain to me why those "manifested" people were so special? I didn't understand.

Also, the film 500 Days of Summer wasn't a great movie, but it makes a nice statement. Love isn't glamorized and simple like Hollywood and pop songs make it, it's complicated. In the film, Tom Hansen thought Summer Flinn was the only person he'd ever love, but she went and got married to someone she hadn't even dated for as long as him. There might be some rare cases like the Hollywood kind, but real people aren't scripts and perfection. I'm just saying. Not like I've had any experience like, at all. I haven't had so much as a silly crush on someone. Still, I'm just agreeing with 500 Days; don't go throwing yourself off of buildings just because your relationship isn't picture-perfect. Jeez. You'd think people would get that, but they just go ahead and despair of ever finding another partner. In a world of almost 4 billion people, that one person isn't the only person for you. Hikari out!

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Sharkie said...

Me and my sister LOVE 500 days of summer though ive never seen the whole thing..... the only movie i never liked, was were all of those movies about real life (with the ecception of some) like if it didnt have fantasy-never-gonna-happen-in-real-life stuff, then im not too crazy about it...