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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bad? Day

So like, good day and bad day?
Good-ish: Drama performance went okay; I sucked badly at remembering my lines, Been There, Done That's Wolfie actually had to prompt me, but I guess I acted well enough. Why couldn't my Drama teacher have just let us perform before the break? I was so ready. Then she postponed it and I stank. Everyone liked it because they didn't know how badly I failed. Chorus had a nearly-deaf substitute teacher and I just drew my friend's character the hour away. I tried eggnog for the first time ever.
Bad: The eggnog tasted like liquid banana pudding until cinnamon greatly improved the flavor. My brace brackets cut little pockets of infection inside my mouth. I also failed at making soup. My family lied unconvincingly through their teeth and said it was good. I actually felt awful that my mistake had to make the rest of my family suffer. I wish they'd tell me their honest opinion.
Good: Red Sunshine's post made my day. That post was simply freaking beautiful.

Life has really bad ups and downs. I see what you're doing, Life, and I don't like it. You give someone an okay day and then make it awful and compensate for it with something simply amazing. Or it's just me. Most likely.
Bear with me guys. I'm bloody self-centered.

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Red Sunshine said...

dude. i love eggnog.
and hehe soup. i suck at cooking, too