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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'll let you judge.

So Hikari and I were scavenging for things to make our science homework model out of. We found our millions-of-years-old sidewalk chalk and we decided to have some fun with it.
There were fish. And Pokemon. And Pocky.
There were birds. And flowers with faces. And butterflies.
And Avatar: The Last Airbender elements symbols.
And clouds with faces and rainbows. And "Happy Chinese New Year" written in Chinese. With a bunny, since it's the year of the rabbit.
And the Star Orb. And Pokemon. And dinosaurs named Jeffery.
But I like this one the most.
Its name is Peggy.
EDIT: Peggy died 2/11/11. Peggy JR. will come soon.

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