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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh, February.

It's kind of a gloomy sort of month.
On a side note, we finished Avatar.
It's really short and suicide rates skyrocket because of Valentine's Day. Fun, fun.

Valentine's Day. A weird day. I'm not a hater, really. I don't hate Justin Bieber or his music or his face; I just think he sounds like a girl. I don't hate pop music, I just would not listen to it voluntarily. I'm not a hater. I actually kinda like Valentine's Day. Everyone's happier and the entire day is more festive, even if you have no one special to celebrate it with. My friends are awesome enough themselves to compensate. And hey, free candy. Don't judge me. I want the childhood I rejected back.
We had to compose and original Valentine's Day poem in Lang. Arts for our warm-up. My went like this:

Roses are red,
That much is true.
But violets are purple, which is definitely not blue.
I'll let you decide.

My dad's birthday is the day after Valentine's Day. We went out to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. That place is so Aussie, they even have the bathrooms marked as "Sheilas" and "Blokes". There were alligators and kangaroos on the walls. I stood in front of them for like, 10 seconds wondering which one to go to. Considering how quickly our minds work, that's a long time. Plus, it's in front of a restroom. People must've been looking at the back of my head and wondering, "What's taking so long for that kid? Is she gender-confused or something?"
Outback was nice. It's food was great, and it's slightly cheaper than T.G.I. Friday's. Although the menu was very limited in variety. The lighting was strange though. Dim pinkish arcade-button-like lights, then low-hanging bright white light covered by a heavy bronze lampshade. Maybe it's an Aussie thing. I'm rambling. God, I'm so attention-deficit.

My grandfather died today at around 3 a.m. ET, but he died in China, so 3 p.m. maybe? He loved us so much... I have a picture to bring to your party now, Sunshine, when before I didn't. I'd like to assume you all offer your condolences. Please don't mention it if you decide to comment. Please, don't mention it. I feel kinda hollow and empty and drifting right now. Again, it's probably just sleep-deprivation and hormones talking.
On that morbid note, I will depart.

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Nicolas Lopez said...

So sorry about your grandfather!