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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Anyways, thinking of spork's history, i realized that I'm the only one on here that hasn't gotten a name change. Lord only knows how many times Hikari has changed her name.
Toast has changed hers once or twice.
But I've been flossingsunshine since the very beginning.
Even though I'd prefer a dif name, i feel it'd be awkward changing it.
And so I'm not going to.

because come september, that marks the official 1 year anniversary of XXYYZ-I's tourist program!!
Whether or not XXYYZ-I will continue this tourist program is a matter of the future, but i shall start planning events for sept in july, because ill be too lazy in august. THis summer, we'll probably post a bunch of new things to sporks, but in late august early sept. (when our school starts) I plan on going back to the original spork days.
Remember cologne wars, waber-guns, volde-mart, "our planet's cruel things"etc?
ALL THAT WILL BE RETURNING! FOR MY SEPTEMBER FLASHBACK MONTH! not to mention both hikari, toast and my birthdays are in september. Ill be working on a sporks e-mail. since we dont hav one..
And after september, will XXYYZ-I close its tourist program for you who are part of other planets? I dont know!?!? I plan on discussing allt his and more with Hikari and toast asap or sooner.

quote of the post
"Are you out of your Volcan mind?!" -Startrek 2009

QUICK FACT i tend to break out in song singing "our planets cruel things" occasionally.

3 people actually love us.:

Muse of Randomness said...

I love the name FlossingSunshine! Please don't change it.

Phail's anniversary comes in August.... So does my birthday.


Dancing Toast said...

Happy birthday in August, Muse!;D

Anonymous said...

Sunshine! Toast and I only changed our names ONCE!