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Monday, July 20, 2009

Dreams are like rainbows, only idiots chase them.

They really are.

I had many more better (aka random) ideas for a post title, but I keep forgetting them. I basically have no social inspiration...

Random info: I dislike seafood. It just has this weird taste that reminds me of the sea in meat form, in a bad way. Also, I've really always hated their little eyes. Raw seafood seems to be popular, despite the fact that you could get diseases... Slimy things like oyster/clams, crab, the fish in sushi, and even squid/octopus just kind of...don't appeal to my tastes. I have had bad experiences with lobster, too. Imagine a little girl around four years of age, watching her mother boiling a lobster live. Watching it twitch until the movement gradually, gradually stops, and the life fade from its beady black eyes. Another reason to add to my dislikes. SHRIMP. Don't get me started.
I also feel guilty that these creatures could help the environment by maintaining the natural balance of life, that these took millenia to develop into the adapters they are now.
Of course, the same could be said about chickens, pigs, cows, sheep, and turkeys, but haven't they always been eaten and taken advantage of by man and animal?

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Geraldine The Chipmunk said...

Bout' the lobster thing, i went to Maine last summer to visit my aunt, and i enjoyed every bit of it up to the lobster feast.
First of all, i NEVER liked lobster, second of all, i had heard that lobsters scream when their put in pots of boiling water. Its really the air seeping out of their shell, but, it was gross nonetheless. It REALLY REALLY sounds like screaming.
And it was worse cause' i already named him Robert.
Then it got even worse when they brought, the steamy hot dead, full-bodied lobster to the table, eyes and antennae intact.
I think the worst part was when my cousin ate one of the antennae off Robert.
I watched people tear huge bits of dead lobster, and suck the juice out like it was a normal thing to do, eating out of the dead body of a "sea cockroach".
Its as if you were going to eat the meat off a dead cow, its just savage and gross.

I left the table.

Dancing Toast said...

Imagine a little girl about 8 seeing cute little baby octopuses IN YOUR MOTHER'S SOUP. AND SHE'S CHEWING IT AND OFFERS SOME TO YOU.