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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Half Blood Prince REVIEW!!

It wasn't amazing. Which was disappointing, but it was hilarious. Jim Broadbent was awesome, and I screamed at the credits for Daniel Radcliffe (as expected).
BAD STUFF: it was too long. David Heyman could of cut some of the scenes out. Like the house burning? What's up with that, it was pointless to the plot. And, there were really NO classes at all. You never see Snape's D.A.D.A class, and for being the HBP he barely has a roll. And dumbledore's death, well he fell, and it looked too Titanic. And wihtout his funeral, it wasn't too great. The Ending sucked, and so did the beginning. It lacked alot of action. Also, when Dumbledore died, harry looked like a coward because dumbledore didn't petrificus totalus him.
GOOD STUFF: HILARIOUS! I found myself cracking up through alot of it. Rupert Grint was hilarious as Ron, yet again, and it was very witty. When there was action, the effects were done beautifully, and the inferi were actually very scary. Tom Riddle wasn't as good looking as he's said to be, but he's creepy and believable. Lavender brown was funny, too. All of the roles were played amazingly, and Draco Malfoy, taller and skinnier than ever, was still an awesome character.
OVERALL, to what i expected, not nearly as good i hoped for, but a good movie. The books are always better, but this one did well for the book. THE CREDITS WERE WICKED. ever since 3rd movie hp credits are creative and amazing.
RANDOM Q: Have you guys seen the slap-chop rap? its hilarious. go watch it. "Hey its vince with slap-chop!"


2 people actually love us.:

Dancing Toast said...

I know, it did suck!! And since (♪I am dead, I can take off my head to recite Shakespearian quotations!♫~The Nightmare Before Christmas)it was so long, I got a headache.
And the actor who plays Draco Malfoy really isn't bad in real life, it's just his character. He gets a lot of hate mail, saying to leave Harry alone and whatnot. :P

Muse of Randomness said...

Tom what's-his-face gets hate mail? Woooooooow.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I must. My friend saw it but she hasn't told me anything yet. Aside from Dumbledore has a lot of gay moments, which isn't particularly helpful...