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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Top Sporks Editors Competiton!

^okay so its not a competition cuz 2 of the editors didnt know about it^
^and also, i stutter like bella, naturally now. TWILIGHT TOOK OVER MY BRAIN. I'M READING ECLIPSE. help me^
SO TODAY, I typed up the amount of comments each spork poster has gotten ever. Every Post we have documented, i typed up and put it into an online calculator. THE RESULTS ARE IN!
WHO IS IT YOU LIKE MOST?? ( as of before this post)
(note, im not sure all of these are extremely accurate, but close)
At number 3 with 66 comments ever, is FlossingSunshine
At number 2, with 91 comments ever, is DancingToast
At Number 1, with 100 comments ever, is Hikari
BY THE WAY!! Dancing Toast, congrats, you Hold all of our comment records EVER. including 5 comments, 6 comments and 7 comments on 1 post. Good job.
also, thanks to xnerdie and raliravioli, who never got comments, but were part of the old sporks team.
I feel extremely fail-full right now. Anyways we'll be sending out thanks messages soon...

I fail!,

4 people actually love us.:

Dancing Toast said...

You don't fail, Sunshine!
And wootage! I get the most comments a post!

Anonymous said...

Yo. This is the person named after a certain coin, Sunshine. Wicked. And go Toast.

Sir Nickelator said...

Wow you dont fail. and ur blog is awsome so i dont know why you are all depressed. i just noticed how to comment without having to get a bloggging account but ive always followed your fail not.

Geraldine The Chipmunk said...

....You have toooooooooo much time on your hands, Sunshine. But that doesn't meen you fail.

YOU DON'T FAIL!! i lurve your posts! if you can get a frickin' chipmunk to like something, you really got something!