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Monday, March 29, 2010


Random fact: On a recent survey, researchers found out that women worry about their bodies about 252 times a week, or 36 times a day.
Ok, so Hikari and I were traveling to Orlando, Florida on Earth to play around in the theme parks Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure during Spring Break. Strangely enough, as we were exiting our town, we saw a Hispanic-looking lady(not to be racist) flossing her teeth while driving. And on the way to a rest stop, we saw a guy shaving his face while driving, too. So I have come to the conclusion that people do random things while driving. Also on the way, I think I saw an armadillo on the side of the road, even though they aren't native to Florida. Either that, or it was a really big, shiny, bald-looking rat. On another note, Hikari and I bought Thing 1 and Thing 2 hoodies at Universal Studios when the Seussland was in Islands Of Adventure.
Speaking of Seussland, I LOVE SEUSSLAND! The guy is so amazing, he inspired a whole addition to a famous park! There were so many amazing things there for geeks like me. There was a whole bookstore of his books, there was a resturant in the shape of a giant Green Eggs and Ham, there was a whole kiddie park with cute little things from the books, a resting area with an excerpt from Horton Hatches the Egg with the nest and the egg, another addition had McGilligot's Pool, and the rides had all of his wacky characters. Sorry about all the advertising, but if you're a geek, then you'll like it too! and Dr. Seuss (Theodore Giesel) was a funny guy. His art teacher hated him, and his other teachers said he wouldn't amount to anything, etc. He died of lung cancer because he smoked pipes. He tried to stop by putting dirt and radish seeds into his pipe and every so often he would take an eyedropper out, and squeeze out a few drops of water. He did this on a bus one day, and a lady asked him, "What are you doing?" and he said, "I'm watering the radishes." He invited a friend over for dinner, and when the friend fell asleep on his chair, he couldn't resist drawing his wacky Dr.Seuss characters on the friend's starched white shirt. A friend bet him that he couldn't make a children's book out of only 50 differrent words, but he did, and Green Eggs and Ham was the result. He never got the bet money(50$), not even when he died. XP Poor him. I bet the whole world screamed "NOOOOOO!!!!!!!" when they found out he died. There's also a museum/school/some-building-or-other of one of his wives, I forget which. Probably his first wife, who died. anyhoos, the reason I know all of this was because I did a project on him in 5th grade. WowthispostisreallylongIthingI'llstopnow.

3 people actually love us.:

Sharkie said...

AWESOME! Bring the hoodie to school, once we go back. Did you just go for the weekend? Where else did you go? I had NO idea they made a whole entire park!

Anonymous said...

It's actually Seuss Landing, and it's really only part of Islands of Adventure, like your kitchen is part of your house, but isn't a whole house, so Seuss Landing isn't a whole park that you have to pay for separately.

Sharkie said...

Well, still, I think it's pretty cool.