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Sunday, May 30, 2010


I added a MixPod! It's over there!-------->
LOOK AT IT!!! >3<

***WARNING!!!*** If you don't like songs that you can't understand, this Mix Pod is not for you. Put your computer on mute if you really hate it that much.

There are A LOT of songs. I mean it! If you want to listen to all of it, be my guest and waste a good 2 hours of your life.
I am considering putting more on, like all of the old Disney Songs. But there are a lot, so....I dunno if I should put it on, cuz I might break it. Helpeh meh decide??
Hope you like it as much as you love mudkips! Enjoy!
(P.S.: I changed my pic into a penguin!)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Of all the things...

Welp, continue reading.

Hey, Sporkers! Miss me? No? Fine. I love you, too, ungrateful gits. Haha, just kidding. I heart you guys. As you may have seen on Sharkie's blog, she and I are going to a friend's b'nai mitzvah! I am terribly unprepared, unlike Sharkie, whose mother prepared like, a month early. I need a cockatil dress, knee-high socks (I have some, though they're striped and that would be too casual to wear), and a pair of ballet flats. THE B'NAI MITZVAH IS IN FIVE DAYS AND I STILL DON'T HAVE ANYTHINGGG.
Also, Geraldine's blog, Tossing Wombats, is HILARIOUS. If you don't already follow her blog, follow it.
ujaghfiurhbfjb I have a reading project due June first and my partner's an irresponsible b****. We haven't gotten a single thing done! D:

Anyway, what do you say about Toastie and I remodeling the blog, huh? *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Awesome Post

It's only awesome because I posted it.

So I'm back! I've been soo busy lately and haven't gotten a chance to post in FOREVER!! I'm sorry, devoted, beloved followers! > <
Anyway, I've been reading the House of Night series lately, and it made me write this:

Do people have a natural aversion to darkness, or just a natural attraction to light, like moths to a flame?
Whose idea was it that light is associated with goodness and darkness is associated with evil?
What if the angels punished and the demons rewarded?

And I was thinking about a way to make a flower symbolic if I were ever to send my regards to a funeral I couldn't attend, so I thought of this: A rose without thorns is like life without danger.
Think about it, people. What symbolizes life, and what symbolizes danger? Did you guess the rose and the thorns, respectively? Good!

NO MELLO ROOS!! What does that mean, anyway? And I thought of this last Friday:
Admiration, adoration, and infatuation are not to be mistaken for love.

Oh right! Y'know those stupid rubber bands that're in the shape of animals and such? Well, Rosa and I got a SNAIL!! You'll get it if you see our deviantART account in a little while. Andandand the World Expo in Shanghai, China is open today!! Apparently there's a violin-playing robot as part of the Japan part of the Expo, from what I saw on T.V.
I saw How to Train Your Dragon. See any good movies lately?