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Sunday, May 30, 2010


I added a MixPod! It's over there!-------->
LOOK AT IT!!! >3<

***WARNING!!!*** If you don't like songs that you can't understand, this Mix Pod is not for you. Put your computer on mute if you really hate it that much.

There are A LOT of songs. I mean it! If you want to listen to all of it, be my guest and waste a good 2 hours of your life.
I am considering putting more on, like all of the old Disney Songs. But there are a lot, so....I dunno if I should put it on, cuz I might break it. Helpeh meh decide??
Hope you like it as much as you love mudkips! Enjoy!
(P.S.: I changed my pic into a penguin!)

5 people actually love us.:

Anonymous said...

Put Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, and Fall Out Boy! I heart your penguin, btw. Can you change the color, though?

Sharkie said...

Yeah, adorable penguin. Hmm, maybe add some......... Gr, Hikari, you took all of mine!

Mr. Ticket Clerk said...


Anonymous said...

:D vocaloid!!!!
You should listen to this one song called Re_Cycle by Luka Megurine. I like it, and I think you might too. Cuz it's vocaloid ;)

Geraldine The Chipmunk said...

Long Division by Death Cab for Cutie. And check out MY Mixpod on

Dude! I look like a loser! I need some followers, BIG TIME.