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Monday, August 9, 2010

Don't worry; we're alive!

Hai guys! Miss me? Well too bad, I'm back!
Guess where I was over most of summer break? In China! I will now give you an extremely long rant about the most horrible place ever...
In links!---> and !!!
Don't read them if you hate complainers. China's the most horrible place in the universe, so don't go. Seriously. Don't go.

So guys, how was your summer? Fun? Boring? Where'd you go?Pleeeeeaaasssee comment!
Also, if anyone's having problems with the Mixpod/Sporadio, please let meh know. You move down by clicking on the last song on the page and then pressing the ►► arrow. Any songs to recommend is fine. Just comment and I'll see. Sorry about not posting before and after school ended. And the whole summer. Eh heh. *awkward laugh* O_o'
Well, I have nothing more to say, except that there's a poll. So tata for now. ~Toastie.

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Sharkie said...

Why didn't you like China? Wasit not what you expected, or you just didn't like it?


Dancing Toast said...

I just don't like it. You wouldn't either, Sharkie. It's worse than your imagination can even imagine it. Sure, the culture is all like: "Lookie me!! I'm China's culture! I'm so amazing! Now you imagine China as this glorious place filled with magical dragons and their pearls and the people are good-mannered vegetarians wearing silk dresses and carrying pandas and waving around fish kites and eating mooncakes and all the old people have extremely long facial hair! It's so cool! Hey, we should visit China!"
No. It's all wrong. I wish China were like that too, but it's not. It's full of tourist-ripper-offers and grossness. And yes, pancakes are amazing.

Sharkie said...

Ahahahahha well ya know..... TECHNICALLY SPEAKING pandas are big and fat so the average person probably couldn't lift one. :)

Dancing Toast said...

Baby pandas.