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Monday, September 13, 2010

My mum is hilarious.

My mum is so nice to her children. ♥

Today, when she picked us up from the library (from Anime Club, if I may add), she saw us standing with our friends. The first thing she said to us when we got into the car was, "HikariToast (she combines our names), you guys are really SHORT."

But I guess that's a little better than what she said to our older sister when she was born. When she held Older Sister (I just realized we don't have a name for her) and said, "Wow, this baby is really ugly."

When we come home, the front door is locked, but if we know for sure that Older Sister is home, we knock on the door for many times obnoxiously until she opens it. So today, we knocked, and her friend (who is a guy) was over, and opened the door. The first thing that came out of Hikari's mouth was, "Ohai. Who are you?"
In the background, Older Sister was sitting in front of her computer. She laughed at Hikari's comment and then proceeded to say, "Get out of here, you got the wrong house!" XD

Many things happened on September 7th. For instance, Hikari got sick, and couldn't go to school. I had to. So in 6th period, our friend, let's call her J., asked me, "Why did you kill Hikari?!" And I was caught off-guard, so I said, " Uuuuhhhh, I was hungry! So I ate her." "How could you??!!! You're so mean!!!" XD
And then, when my mum and Older Sister came home, my mum raced upstairs and canceled all of her credit cards because they weren't in her purse. Turns out, she forgot them at home. After the call to the bank, she went downstairs, and my dad said, " I found them."
And :Older Sister got a Kingdom Hearts shirt. And when I came home, I found not one, but TWO dead bugs on my forehead. I think it was because I walked through a cloud of gnats while walking home. -_-;

3 people actually love us.:

Sharkie said...

Ewww buggies. :) Well are you feeling ok today? I'm guessing eating Hikari wasn't such a good thing aftre all.

findingMuse. said...

You guys have an anime club!? :o SO JEALOUUUUUS. Lol, my family is short, too, but we don't usually point it out to each other. Except for me, 'cause I'm the tallest. By an inch. Or a half an inch.

I have two Kingdom Hearts shirts. o-o

Anonymous said...

Muse: Yeah, our city has an Anime Club at our library. I want a Kingdom Hearts shirt! OAO
Sharkie: Hehe. I'm poisonous. ^^