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Monday, September 8, 2008

About Sunshine

Haay, Sunshine here! I'm the, you could say co-ruler of XXYYZ-I. I created the name. Cool, no?
Here's a few details you might want to know about me before I start posting stuff about the planet.

Some might say people have tried to call animal control on me. I would have to agree this has happened before. Or has it?
I'm the happy part of XXYYZ-I here while Izumi down there is the dark deadly part. (As they say. XXYYZ-I is the planet of happiness and death!). I am not a very skilled wabergun fighter. (More about waberguns coming soon) But I do enjoy wand fights. I'm just your average crazy-in-the-head-yet-smart XXYYZ-I ruler.


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