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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sporks Are Useless

Ok onto spork hating. This is sporksareuseless. We hate sporks because;

You cant drink soup with them. It just freakin' spills out! *Presses Useless Button* "That was useless."

You can't stab meat with them. Its flippin' impossible to eat steak with a spork. *Presses useless button* "That was useless."

And sporks are just too sporky. I'd rather have a proper fork and spoon then a spork! And sporks are always plastic. Can't they make metal sporks? *Presses Useless button* "That was useless."

There are just my personal opinions on sporks, and for all you spork lovers, I have nothing against that, just don't come to XXYYZ-I, Or Izumi may just, err never mind.

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i<3WonWon said...

" Can't they make metal sporks?"
thay actually do, yahh.
ok i didnt know that before sporkdork, but idc. i learneded something new!