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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Administration Privs. And HP Weekend And VeggieTales

sunshine got amdinistration privs. yay!
And sporkareuseless jsut got 6 followers, Yay, so hello to SunBum, we lurve your blog.

HP weekend is over on ABCFAMILY but they showed the chamber of secrets on DC last night, and I had to go to bed early that night. could there have been a worse night for them to show it?
The COS is the best movie in my opinion. But the OOTP had sirius. But he DIED. eheheehe. Furreal, its prob. my fav HP book, But its so sad. I suppose i enjoy books that depress me. HP&theOOTP, Bridge To Terabitha ect.

Why is there a tomato and a blueberry on veggietales if its VEGGIEtales.

Sunshine here brought home her scienece text book just to write a parody. (view it later on polishedwithdust because ill write it later probably if not over the weekend)
Yeah Thats right, im such a geek. (computers♥♥♥) So I am working on Chemical Reation, a parody of Natural Disaster. (plain white t's) These blogs are lonely so comment peeps. Please?

And why does sunshine use thirdperson? Like i just did. tehe. Furreal Friends, i gotta stop doing that

Dont Put me in your pockets. (siriusly, i cant breathe in there)

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Muse of Randomness said...

Sunshine speaks in third person because third person is fuuun. Muse does it too sometimes. I watched a little bit of Harry Potter weekend... It seems ABC has those quite often... okay, every two months. OOTP is probably my favorite. Deathly Hallows nearly made me cry because of all the deaths. Mostly Fred's death, but it was all saddening.

I've been wondering the same thing about VeggieTales, my friend Gary made a spoof of it and there was a tomato. I critiqued him on it but he didn't seem to care.

AJ said...

that is a VERY good Veggietales question...I've always wondered that...

anyhoo, OOTP is my fave movie, but either POA or DH or HBP is my fave book. ya, i was a little sad when Fred died, but i got him and george so confused, it wasn't until about two days after i finished the book that i realized george was the one missing an ear and fred was the one who died witht the spiders. lupin was sad. so was sirius. and dumbledore made me start screaming and shouting at the book about it - but i never cry. i dont cry in books unless that horrid thing happens: the animal dies :(

AJ enjoys 3rd person, but AJ thinks british accents are funner :)

Spaghetti Bunny said...

Fred ain't dead. (and for those of you who say "ain't", it ain't funny. I mean siriusly, it's not a real contraction.)