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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random questions and other sporky whatnot.

Yeah that.^
So onto weird questions!
What is the name for an icky spreadable meat??!!
Uh, spam.
What is the other name for junk mail??!!
Uh, spam.
What is a random answer for any question??!!
Uh, spam.
What is a disgusting meat color, like dead fish?(if you ask, Mommy sometimes brought dead fish home from an I-really-do-not-want-to-know store)
Uh, spam.

So I think some people have really small ears, or rather big ears. I asked Hikari's teacher this, and he said that it depends on what normal-sized ears are sized as.

If the 2nd grade dictionary says the a tomato is a pulpy red fruit, why do they have a tomato on Veggie Tales?

I hate Twilight now, too many preps talk about it. Since when to preps READ???!!! And the movie sucked.

I really want to see a bunch of movies, especially a Broadway one called "Les Miserables" with a little accent mark on a letter in 'Miserables'

Sporks! I hate them! I visited your troubled world of earth and I went to one of the schools and there is the forbidden sporks. As a utensil! What kind of planet are you??? Jeez Louise! Mama Mia! Fettachini! Sporks are useless! Why have them???!!!

And now I shall end this post in order to 1. Post a parody and 2. Leave you to think of why sporks are useless.

Have a noodle-y day!

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Geraldine the Chipmunk said...

I am about to get so off-track. Prepare yourself.

do you know what fettachini is? it's that pasta that is long and flat. Bowties, are, well, bowties.

Angel hair is so thin, it like melts in your mouth. spaghetti know spaghetti.

Rigatoni is that tube-y pasta you can stick your fingers through.
Elbow macaroni is like...macaroni. Rotini is the swirl ones. One most people don't know is rotelle. It looks like a wheel on an old-fashioned cart.

how i know all this is quite simple. I AM ITALIAN.