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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's Wednesday? Already??

^wow. I don't really want to post because I've got two days to name, url, and design, and create my new blog project.^
Okay so url
starfleetbeammeup or neverletgojack
PLEASE HELP ME!! Choose what the url should be by the 31rst!!
Anywhom... Imma post a story my good friend at sporkdork wrote. So, once again I DID NOT WRITE THIS!
"yeah i dunno;but i've decided i wanna tell a story.
once there was a man named Joey Lu and he was like a pixie
thingie. He was the size of a thumble. He lived in a house
with a crazy physco human man, who squishes people to death,
his name was Moe. One day moe got fed up with Joey Lu being
the bum he is, and eating all his watermelons, so Moe got a
plan of action. Moe pretended to be innocently walking around
with a cardboard box full of bricks; nothing wrong with this
picture, right kids? so Joey Lu was busy doing a little dance, and he looked like
this; co/~<. (look at it sideways. its like, cinderella dancing. co>~<)
until...Moe ran up with his box-o'-bricks, and squished Joey Lu with it,
Joey Lu was lucky tho, cuz his grave said "Last seen dancing up a storm in the physco Moe's house."
& who wouldn't want their grave to say that??
the end"
ain't that beautiful, it saved me a butt load of time. THANKS ANNAM.

Monday, December 28, 2009

You are safe in my heart

^and, my heart will go on and on~^
I just finished watching Titanic with my buddyfriend who got me a bobble head of Jack Skellington. it's pretty scary, but epic.
The movie Titanic is the best movie I have ever seen. Ever. My buddyfriend agrees with me.
So, i never have anything to type about anymore...
So what about Nick Jonas and his solo act? Seriously, the JB is cool because they're the Jonas Brothers! Come on..
And about Balloon boy's parents going to jail?
Uhg...~~~squiggle. That's my fav key on the ekyboard.
So I'm all calm and depressed from watching Titanic so Imma leave.
Ciao For Now~

Friday, December 25, 2009


^yeah, happy^
It seems to be that the word happy is lost during the Christmas time because everyone says merry Xmas. I don't know why, i don't know if its a religious thing, i dont know how the tradition started but it is. So I'm breaking it and saying Happy Christmas. I challenge ya'll (dangit, i said ya'll) to text/call/scream at/shout at/sing at etc. one person and say "Happy Christmas". Cuz were bringing happy back, the other words don't know how to act.
Anyways, comment your opinions on my new conceded sporks look. I hope ya'll enjoy.
I'm off to eat breakfast cuz my stomach is eating itself and it kind of hurts.
Ciao for Now!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shut up and look at the gumbo!

From Princess and the Frog: awesome movie!!

I have everything I want right now!! Time! And the Tsubasa art book and strawberry chapstick... The list could go on! But, most importantly, time!!!! ♥ ♥

I'm also going to Europe! So I have thick, fuzzy socks, and boots. Fuzzy socks! And where I am right now, it's finally cold! It's never cold here! HAPPYHAPPYJOYJOY repeat x1000

LALALALA, oh and sorry about not posting when I should've.
RANDOM FACT: The most common name in the world is Mohammed.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Jacket Crinkles!

EDIT BY SUN: READ THAT POLL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
OK, so I tripped on Sunshine's foot last Wednesday, and I got a whole bunch of painful scrapes, so I always have to sit out during P.E. And I have the earliest lunch available, A lunch. It's like a second breakfast, so I'm hungry at the end of the day. So I save some chips from lunch and eat them while sitting out. But I'm assuming that you're not allowed to eat outside, so I always hide it in my jacket. Thus, the title.
Random fact:111,111,111 x 111,111,111=12,345,678,987,654,321. Isn't that so weird??
I LOVE CANDY CANES. I'm like a druggy who's addicted to drugs, but instead of drugs, I'm addicted to (peppermint) candy canes. Also, Walgreens sell these really yummy watermelon candy canes. I wanna go buy some.
Anyhoos, I dunno if I told you before but, I gave up on making a huge long epic story. I am satisfied with just being a comic artist, if I can.
I dunno what else to say, so Sunshine can edit stuff in for me! BYE
EDIT: Sunny here! Its my goal to edit everyone's post this week. 'sept i've got nothing to say...And thats all I got to say, can't think of a better way, and that's all I got to say, I love you is that okay? DO YA'LL remember that song? Natasha Bedingfield is amazing. oh oh listen to this song i quote it all the time, but nobody ever understand it. * TEARS* comment either on this post or on PWD. yeah i know the song sucks, but i like it. (coughbetterthantiktiokcough)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Random fact: There's a higher chance of you getting struck by lightning, TWICE, than you winning the Lottery.
Sorry I couldn't post, you guys!
But I'll tell you a joke:What's red that smells blue paint??
Red paint!♥☺
So my family and relatives are singing Chinese Karaoke, and it is NOT good, AT ALL. In fact, my ears are just about ready to bleed, and that's through a closed door.
Eye no, write?
Well sorry for the short post, I needa go nao!See ya later!

Friday, December 4, 2009

It hurts so bad!

Home sick with awful sore throat. I can't speak. If i try, it comes out like a feeble, dying, whispering version of dumbledore.
We think I have laryngitis.
I can't bother to post, Sorry!