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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's Wednesday? Already??

^wow. I don't really want to post because I've got two days to name, url, and design, and create my new blog project.^
Okay so url
starfleetbeammeup or neverletgojack
PLEASE HELP ME!! Choose what the url should be by the 31rst!!
Anywhom... Imma post a story my good friend at sporkdork wrote. So, once again I DID NOT WRITE THIS!
"yeah i dunno;but i've decided i wanna tell a story.
once there was a man named Joey Lu and he was like a pixie
thingie. He was the size of a thumble. He lived in a house
with a crazy physco human man, who squishes people to death,
his name was Moe. One day moe got fed up with Joey Lu being
the bum he is, and eating all his watermelons, so Moe got a
plan of action. Moe pretended to be innocently walking around
with a cardboard box full of bricks; nothing wrong with this
picture, right kids? so Joey Lu was busy doing a little dance, and he looked like
this; co/~<. (look at it sideways. its like, cinderella dancing. co>~<)
until...Moe ran up with his box-o'-bricks, and squished Joey Lu with it,
Joey Lu was lucky tho, cuz his grave said "Last seen dancing up a storm in the physco Moe's house."
& who wouldn't want their grave to say that??
the end"
ain't that beautiful, it saved me a butt load of time. THANKS ANNAM.

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BouncingWolf said...

LOL! And I like both... except starfleetbeamup is too long. what is the blog project about???