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Friday, January 1, 2010

big holidays have to land on Fridays, huh? Well, my time is done.

Well my week with sporks is over. Tomorrow the other authors return, and tonight it will go back to its original setting, Hikari and Toast having never seen the sunshine one. I'll never show them the layout. MOOHAHAHA.
Ahnywhom, my yearlong blog proejct has been set up. My partner-in-crime aka co-poster is my brotha, BouncingWolf. i think thats his blogger name. IDK. Anywhom you can check out the basic outline of it here
the credit for the name goes to him, for I was ready to name it "never let go, jack" lolness.
I WISH EVERYONE THE BEST 2010, even if I'm considering leaving SAU because I've so many blogs, and I'm not too interested in having a partner-freewrite blog.
For more interesting blogs I'd suggest ya'll check out.
and of coarse, all blogs made by the PWD and SAU followers. Follow me at Neutralsmiles, too!
~Sunshine, wishing you a happy 2010

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BouncingWolf said...

DONT LEAVE SPORKS!!! If you do, it won't be Sporks Are Useless, it will only be like Toast&Hikari's blog.

Muse of Randomness said...

NONONONONONO DON'T LEAVE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUS. D: is epic. *shameless self-advertising.*

YOU LIVE LONG AND PROSPER, TOO. But alas, I cannot make the Vulcan sign.

I wanna see the other layout, I didn't get to. *pout.*

BashfulToast said...

You shouldn't leave. It for suree won't be the same!

Geraldine The Chipmunk said...

Omg i just realized polished with dust spells PWN!!!
OMG Polished with dust totally P-OWNS!!!
Thats sickkkkkkkkk!
P.s lol dont leave sporks will die for u r thee root that holds the tree of life...and-and the r-root is...aww, whateva dont leave though!