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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kool-Aid Powder

Hello People of..err..places. It's Sunshine here. Here is a post about what me and Izumi are addicted too..

Alrightyyy then, let's begin.

One day in my lunch box my mom put a pouch. At lunch Izumi asked if she could eat it. I was all like "It's just powder, probably doesn't taste good" but she didn't care and tried some anyways. And I tried some too. On that day, we became addicted to Kool-Aid Singles powder.


Such a beautiful story, no? Well no Izumi threatens to murder me if I don't bring in Kool-aid powder. So now I must bring in Kool-Aid powder at least three times a week.

Just felt like sharing,



^Take that Izumi^

Friday, September 12, 2008

Planet Anthem

Ever wondered what the official song of XXYYZ-I is? It's a little song called "Our Planet's Cruel Things" It is sung to the tune of "My Favorite Things"

Bloodrops on sporks with a bit of intestine
No Microwaves and no money to invest in.
If you like sporks then we'll hurt you and sing-
"These are a few of our planet's cruel things"

Ice cream cake with icing is banned and unwanted.
Ghosts lurke 'round 'careful you may become haunted.
Dragons with fire fly 'round with their wings.
These are a few of our planet's cruel things.

People with light sabers fighting from Vader.
Don't fight off villians we'll call you a traitor.
We'll poke you with sporks untill you start puking.
These are a few of our planet's cruel thinggss!!

When the sun shines
When the moon lights
When the planet's nice
We simply remeber our planet's cruel things
And at Sunshine we throoowww riceeee.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sporks Are Useless

Ok onto spork hating. This is sporksareuseless. We hate sporks because;

You cant drink soup with them. It just freakin' spills out! *Presses Useless Button* "That was useless."

You can't stab meat with them. Its flippin' impossible to eat steak with a spork. *Presses useless button* "That was useless."

And sporks are just too sporky. I'd rather have a proper fork and spoon then a spork! And sporks are always plastic. Can't they make metal sporks? *Presses Useless button* "That was useless."

There are just my personal opinions on sporks, and for all you spork lovers, I have nothing against that, just don't come to XXYYZ-I, Or Izumi may just, err never mind.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Waber-guns are a mix between wands, light sabres, and Storm Trooper guns. Of course, when Voldy charges around and sez "Expelliarmus!", then there goes the wand part of your waber-gun. But you can just go, "Heck wid dis!" and BANG(with your gun part), there goes Voldy. :) Sunshine wasn't kidding about me being dark an' deadly. :p Can't blame her, can you?

About Sunshine

Haay, Sunshine here! I'm the, you could say co-ruler of XXYYZ-I. I created the name. Cool, no?
Here's a few details you might want to know about me before I start posting stuff about the planet.

Some might say people have tried to call animal control on me. I would have to agree this has happened before. Or has it?
I'm the happy part of XXYYZ-I here while Izumi down there is the dark deadly part. (As they say. XXYYZ-I is the planet of happiness and death!). I am not a very skilled wabergun fighter. (More about waberguns coming soon) But I do enjoy wand fights. I'm just your average crazy-in-the-head-yet-smart XXYYZ-I ruler.