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Saturday, January 10, 2009


A friend of mine, Mari mention something about the song caramell dansen. (we lurve that song now)

It sounds like this

Dan send me ohs,
eat a handbag,
yours only yours,
dolores 'fraid of dance dance,
its no lie,
'rissa in the club sayn',
"meh and meh mari are caramelldansen!"

3 people actually love us.:

AJ said...

ummm...uhhh....huh...nice...? odd...catchy...speechless.

adeline said...

I love caramelldansen!!!

Jade (Popsicle Chan) said...

ahem. it's actually
Dansa Med Oss (Dance or something like that)
Klappa era Hander (Clap your hands)
:P.........I can sing it...whoooooooooo.
I'm a caramelldansen freak......Come join the club!