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Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!
And happy birthday Mr. [InsertName]!!!!
So anyway, it's Chinese New Year today, people, and I'm super happy because I have blessed rice and you don't! Also because it's the year of the ox/ moo-cow, which is me and Hikari's Chinese Zodiac Birth Year!!!!!!!
So yeah, just thought you guys might wanted to know..........

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xX_Music_the_Bunni_Xx said...

happy Chinese new years!

Geraldine The Chipmunk said...

Happy Chinese New Year! Is it REALLY chinese new year? or the cantonese chinese new year? pardon my ignorance, but i said "gung hey fat choy" (you should know what that means) and Rona said that was the cantonese way of saying it. just curious old Geraldine The Chipmunk.

Muse Of Randomness said...

Hapy Chinese new year to you too! Hopefully I'm not too late! Dang computer.

Yay for moo cows. I think it's my sister's Chinese Zodiac year as well. Either that or boar. I think mine is rat... Fitting.