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Friday, January 30, 2009


ive been at Hogwarts, sorry.

The Floss is here.
Lately I've been doing a lot of
computer graphics.
Avatars, signatures,
if you'd like to see them, COMMENT.
and also to our viewers who actually view,
AJ, MuseOfRandomness (hope i spelled correctly)
Please spread the word about sporks and XXYYZ-I

Now enough about the blog, lets talk about me!
Ive decided to start posting on ElmoLvoesYou, SO please
Check it out. Ill be posting parodies and stuff about FlossingSunshine,
but Ill also post stuff about the girl behind the BellBottom pants and hippy ribbons.
yes you'll find out mroe about me, and my friends.
And also short stories I've written. Such as, The King WHo Loved O.J. which i may or may not post. you decide.
And also, If you gyus wanna contact me, gimme comments outside the blog, please do so at


2 people actually love us.:

AJ said...

oooh...can i see an avatar? huh huh huh? it seems like alot of people are writing nowadays...i'll spread the word on ur new blog!!

AJ said...

btw, thanx for spellin my name right. i would have been worried if u couldn't.