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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Progress Of Utensils

It started with your hands, then it prob. went to chopsticks, then in america forks and spoon were used for an ever so long time. But then, someone decided to "merge" the two together and made the spork. The spork is probably the most useful sounding untensil in utensil history, but the most useless.

We started out some school dorks who hated using cafeteria sporks, when MacaRona/Hikari came up with the idea to form a blog on spork hating and other stuff. She's a lazy bumm and it took her forever to do it, but she eventually made the blog and we got our sporks. But since then so much has happened.
We've went from a plain black background talking about how sporks stink to hiring about 3-4 more rulers, to me making my own blog (elmolvoesyousosomuhc) then firing those same people we hired, then changing the layout, then changing it again. (then me changing my blog to polishedwithdust)
Now that i look back on old posts, i see so much!
I was reading my posts and i mentioned something like "Izumi is the dark side."
well Hikari hasn't been called Izumi for months.
And I am glad to sya ive gotten less weird, bc ive never been called animal control on!
Im just proud to say that no matter hwat dumb utenisl idea comes next, like a knorf, spork will always be useless, and sporksareuseless will not.


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Muse of Randomness said...

Hehe I remember finding this blog several months ago and not commenting... And then trying to re-find it because it's awesome... Took a while.

If you must know, sporks were made for poking people, not eating. And I find them very effective for poking.

Lol I'm a lazy bum too. There's a blog I have to make that I ain't got round to.

I like the new layout. And just what would a "knorf" be? I can tell the first part's knife but the second is lost on me.