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Thursday, February 19, 2009


How do you fit 3 Mudkips and two Charizards on the same bus?!? YOU JUST POKE 'EM ON!!!!
Ah ha ha! Get it?!? Pokemon? No one? Fine. Be that way.

So anyway, Sunshine and I just got obsessed with Pokemon yesterday. Randomly. Like always. But we're only pretending to be obsessed, we don't have cards or anything. The only thing I have is this really old Pokemon board game that I don't know how to play, and we bought it before I was born, during first generation Pokemon, so I think that board game is already vintage by now.

We don't have cards, this kid even memorized his. "Oh well, y'see, let's say that a bulbasaur has an attack of 20hp for ...vine whip, and like..." By then I just stopped listening because I thought he was such a dork for spewing Pokemon card crap.

Sunshine has some electronic games for poke mon, but they're not really hers, they're her sister's. And they only have them because they're fun, not that they like pokemon that much.

Sunshine and I just like the first generation theme song(ooohhh, you're my best frie-nd, in a world we must defeennddd). Sound familiar anyone?
So yeah, that's the latest news.

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Muse of Randomness said...

Caution: Poking Charizard onto bus could result in being barbecued. The rulers of XXYYZ-I (or Muse, who does not live here) are not responsible for injury caused by provoking Charizard.

I used to be a Pokemon fan, but it got a little old for me after a while. I like to play sometimes though, I have a few for the game Boy Advance.