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Thursday, February 12, 2009

A whole new loaf

Sorry about the random title, I just didn't want to use Miscellaneous again. A whole new loaf is a parody that I made of A whole new world.

So like, Sporks Are Useless is like a whole new loaf of bread. I guess we're considered as a "new-ish" blog, but I guess our blog is just so cool you just wanna look it up over and over(even if you're a person prejudiced against newbies), or in bread terms, eat and buy it over and over, and our idea is so...original, I mean, have you ever seen a blog like ours?

The spens are coated with a lead-based paint, so in case any of you have a spen, I don't recommend eating with it unless you want to die of lead poisoning. Have the best day ever.

I'm a little confused here, but I don't know why. I just have a feeling of confused-ness. Oh, and by the way, can someone explain to me why the reactions gadget at the end of the posts isn't coming up?

I want a cookie, but not just any cookie, I want a store-bought, unhealthy, fattening chocolate chip cookie. Sorry for you people who got hungry because of me. But seriously, burn some calories to take away food cravings. Or if you're just a sweet-toothed but still very fit person, I can understand. My sister and her friend made sugar cookies just now. But I want a store-bought cookie mind you.

I hate the over-sweetness of cupcakes. And for those of you who found Sporks all on your own, can you comment on how you found our lonely little blog? Thankehs.

Hiki-Channn~~~~♥ (in Mokona Modoki's way)

3 people actually love us.:

AJ said...

i like baugette bread. anyhoo, i found ur blog cuz u had something in common with me on ur profile...i think it was the funny movie thing, but idk. so yeah. i like it.

Muse of Randomness said...

The reactions gadget seems to only come up if you're using a blogger-made layout, because it doesn't appear on mine either, or anyone else's I know not using blogger-designed layouts.

I think I found Sporks one day while profile-surfing... I'm pretty sure the profile was Hikari's... But I don't remember what I was searching.

Geraldine the Chipmunk said...

that sweet tooth/fit thing is this chipmunk ALL OVER. And thamks a lotto, because now i want a glazed chocolate acorn.

See in La La Land, we have chipmunk cities that mass produce glazed chocolate acorns. They are the equivalent of your donuts, seething with sugar, fat and unnecessary amounts of calories.