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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Man Hugs and 3:10 am, oh and canadian bacon


Welcome viewers, ive noticed, and Hikari has pointed out, that my posts never get as many comments as the others;. I FEEL ALONE. (with the people i meet) nbb song.
ANoywho, i got back form a sleepover today,a nd it was so much fun,. but im not gunna say everytihng.

We were watching the Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix, late at night, and sirius and harry were all like *manhug* so we decided that everytime we went downstairs to get food, we would go practice manhugging. So I KNOW HOW TO MANHUG,
And i had Canadian Bacon along with other stuff for breakfast. SLICED HAM!

Pshh,. after the OOTP, we wanted to watch the POA (prisoner of azkaban) but we kept randomly flaling asleep, and it wasl already 2:50am so we decided we'd finish it in the later morning. And the last time i checked the clock it was 3:10.

I made yet another HArryPotter fangirl shirt.

And well tomorrow is my sister's brithday, we got her an iPod. I hope she doesn't read this blog.
I want an iPod, ill get one when they go down in price a little. (new nano)
I realize im jsut tlaking about stuff you people truely dont give a care about. (QUite frankly my dear i dont give a damn, [that quote form that movie that ive heaard in the beginning of Natural Disaster])

I've got to be the very best, like no one ever wassss!!!

-sunshine and ehr boring life that no one ever comments about because its just that dorky. *sigh* EEPPPUHHZ GEEPUHZ I USED THE WORD SIGH. AHH
long story

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Muse of Randomness said...

Manhugs... O_O I still have noidea what the difference between American and candian bacon is.

I'd get an iPod, were it not for the fact I'm always home so I can listen to it on the compy for free. But that might change if Playlist loses it's case.

"Quite frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." is also in Tim Burton's Corpse bride... Ahhh great movie.

AJ said...

u ever consider selling harry potter fangirl shirts? i'd buy one if u made a malfoy one :) i just got done watching goblet of fire. i think its the funniest movie. especially when neville says, "Oh my god! I've killed Harry Potter!" Golden. And ron says "bloody hell" about eight times in it. i kept a tally. he has quite the dirty mouth. oh, u can buy the hp movies now on itunes. just a word before u buy one. get one that can hold movies!

isn't canadian bacon just ham?

little einstiens lover said...

i will comment on ur stuff. like now i am commenting this