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Friday, May 8, 2009

100 posts! And You Belong WIth Me

Congrats toast, for making the 100th post.

Siriusly, you guys don't like us.

Well, I need your help. I'm watching this taylor swift video for you belong with me, and is it taylor swift dressed as "his girlfriend" or is it just some girl who looks an awful lot like her?



this vid is hilarious! because once i was at the mall in the prom dress section with my sis and her friend. And these two gay guys (gays r wicked awesome) looka t the white prom dresses and they're all "You do not wear white as your prom dress, mm-mm, that ain't cute, that's not funny!"
and blond swift wears a white prom dress. (im only saying blond swift bc idk who the other girl is. help)

1 people actually love us.:

Geraldine The Chipmunk said...

Um, Sunshine, that is Taylor Swift, i can tell.

Even though the glasses are supposed to make her seem dorky, she's rockin em'.

That girl the guy is dating is really mean. And her prom dress is gross (who would wear that?! RED?! AT THE PROM?!?).