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Friday, May 8, 2009


>▲<" WAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one commented on my other post!!! And Sunshine got a comment on her tiny post. Not blaming her though, but Sunshine also needs to post longer posts, or else it'll take up too much space. It seems to me that Hikari gets the most comments on her posts and that Sunshine and I don't get much. I mean siriusly! Hikari hasn't posted in like, forever! And don't assume that I'm a prep by saying all this preppy stuff. At least I don't spell "like" as "liek" or "you're/your" as "ur"! That sounds so stupid! "Ur" is pronounced as (er) not (yer)! So anyway, I started to read a series by Emily Rodda, called the Deltora series, and even though the story is really smart, it's not a few very happy series (there are 3 series of each), and the main character only figures out stuff until the last minute. But I'd like to reccomend a series called Avalon by Rachel something. I like the new covers better than the old ones because the new ones have good art and the older ones have terrible art. I'd also like to reccomend the Percy and the Olypians series. The last book in the series just came out 2 days ago. And the book The Host by Stephanie Meyer even though I hate the Twilight saga. And the Eragon series, but now it's getting kinda weird. A lot of people say that the Ink-whatever series is good, so I'll try to start on it even though I never see the first book (Inkheart) anywhere except school, but I need to finish the other books that I rented from the library.
I can't wait until summer. I plan to do so much stuff and I won't have Chinese school or normal school to do except some packets from my mom or from this math and reading program. Not including July, though, 'cuz then I can quit for a month. I can go to Sunshine's house on the sun and help her play her parody of that stupid series Twilight and make Limelight.
Well I'll stop now, because I'll take up too much space on the front page to make a post that no one will comment on because either 1. people are waiting for Hikari to post or 2. think I'm being too self-cebtered/bratty with this post. If you post, that means that you lurve me and Sunshine!

2 people actually love us.:

Muse of Randomness said...

I STILL LOVE YOU!!! *hugs* I want an orange suddenly. <.< I don't mind liek but ur is the most annoying thing ever.

I read one of the Avalon books, and ne of Eragon. (which I really didn';t understand).

Yay for not having school. :3

AJ said...

ur is flippin awesome. i only use in iming or when i dont feel like writin your which is kinda often :)

i loves u

avalon? i need a new series...maybe I should try it