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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So, ummm, yeah.

So like, I haven't posted in forever, and so now I'm posting!
Sorry people, I can't post the story yet because I have no time/I'm too lazy to, so I shall post it in the summer if you all don't die of something terrible.
I like cookies. And a lot of other stuff that would take too much time/space on the Sporks page. And besides! No one will really care unless they are some crazy cyber kidnapper who wants to lure me away from home.
Also, Hikari may want to change her name, so any suggestions, please comment. Oh! I have a suggestion for her right now! But I've actually had it for a long time, so what ever! Cream Slayer. Do you think it's weird? I want it for myself, but I just recently changed my name to Dancing Toast anyway and if I change it again, then it'll be too little time in between/makes me sound violent. She wants it at a maximum of 2 words.
The story behind Cream Slayer was because Hikari asked me to be her translator with her mouth full, so I thought she said Cream Slayer.
Well, now Hikari is screaming over the phone in order to wake up Sunshine. I mean, she has to stay up to give light to a lot of Earthlings and us XXYYZ-I dwellers, although she has been burning a lot of people as they go to the beach. She even burned her sister because she was slacking off on the job. Bad Sunshine!
So buh-bye!

2 people actually love us.:

Geraldine The Chipmunk said...

Hikari changes her name too much....

Just what i think...

Dancing Toast said...

She's only changed it once, Chipmunk.