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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So, here's some info on the different species that I made/created. All 3 of these species are completely to your satisfaction. And hunger.

Spaghetti bunnies: Are made of intricately knotted spaghetti (to give you that extra chew) in the shape of rabbits, and have whatever seasonings/sauces you want on them and have meatballs for eyes, only if you want them to, of course. Also, they are completely and utterly of my creation.

Dancing toast: Sadly, I thought I was being creative, but when I looked it up on Google, many people had already thought of the idea. But, my dancing toast comes in any shape or size you want it to be, and whatever texture (crunchy/softness) you want also. And, you can put whatever you want on it, whether it be a spread or some random other stuff. As seen in my image of my profile, I have a piece of dancing toast in the shape of a cat. Look it up on Google Images to see the proper dancing-ness.

And for my newest addition: Cream slayers! Cream slayers are of my creation, too. They come into your house (or already live in your house already) at night or whenever you aren't looking and steal the whipped cream you own in the fridge. Or any thick cream or milk or whatever is an ingredient to make cream. What do they do with it, you ask? They take it to their lair and kill the unsuspecting cream, or eat it. Whoops! Some people might not be happy with this, so just put out an extra saucer of whipped cream when you get some.

This is it, people! hope you aren't angry at my little cream slayers, they don't know that you can't kill cream. Of course, I'll pay you back, anyway. By the way, I am currently eating chocolate pocky and I am very happy, as snacks are rare in my house on Earth.

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