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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm heer!

Random fact: An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.
Hikari didn't post on Monday, so now she is the first person in blogger history to receive 2 punishments in a row. Her punishment (was given to her by me) is to post an entire post acrostic-ly.
And so, yesterday I found this really cool
Bar that is famous for its sign, which openly
Complains about get it. This is the link:
It CAN'T be like:
Arghdiumdebleh I hate you Toast
Bahgletibleh I hate this punishment
Curse you, Toast!
So yeah. Sunshine didn't post twice in a row too, so technically she needs to have a punishment, but she's excused.
Do you know Vocaloid? And Miku's song, Black Rock Shooter? Well, there's gonna make it into an anime!!! But sadly, it's coming out in April, so far away...-_-Here's a link to Vocaloid songs: the last song is a trailer and is the person making it, I think...
I dunno what else to post, so bye bye!

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Sharkie said...

Can't wait to see her new punishment when she posts it!

Dancing Toast said...

ha ha ha.

Sharkie said...