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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Random fact: Broccoli is an inside-out flower.
So it'd be nerd-tastic if someone gave another person a chunk of broccoli and say, "Here you go! Have some flowers!"
Fungi is really cool. Long before plants grew on Earth, fungi came and broke down the rock to make soil. And the mushroom is only the reproducing part, so if you wanna get rid of mushrooms, you're only chopping off the reproducing part. The actual fungi-part is underground; it's just not reproducing. But the more the mushroom moves, the more the spores get shaken out, so you're actually spreading the fungi. Fungi kinda works like the movie Avatar, with all the blue people connecting with the earth and stuff. It's a whole network underground in the really old forests, and they attach to trees. When they attach to trees, it's kinda like the crocodile and the bird. The bird gets the croc's leftover food, and the crocodile gets free dentistry, except with fungi, they exchange nurtrients and stuff. Termites have adapted to sensing fungi spores in the air, because if they eat the spores/mushroom, the spore grows inside of them until finally, they die because the fungi grew too big. So this scientist guy who knows all about fungi has a termite problem in his house. He genetically modifies a few mushrooms so that they won't give off spores. The termites ate the mushrooms, and then they exploded from the fungi growing inside of them. But the fungi that grew out of that grew spores, so no more termites in that guy's house.
Sorry about blabbing on and on about fungi. I just didn't know what to post.

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Sharkie said...

Hey Dancing Toast, I think I just ate a flower! I had broccoli for dinner tonight! OH NOZ!

FlossingSunshine said...

very educational post.

Muse of Randomness said...

Useless fact: My childhood sister-given nickname was Baby Fungus. I am the leader of all fungi. :D