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Monday, February 8, 2010

La la la la la la la Zorro's back~~

(Actually, I'm back)
D'ARMGUHBLEH SUNSHINE I HATE YOUU. Not really, though. This is the first punishment of SAU. I feel honored and ashamed. A post of song lyrics... (btw, the new paragraphs mean new, random, sort of related topics) So here goes:

He was right up on the glass all yellow eyed black teeth bangin' on the windshield screaming like a demon at the top of his lungs–
I'm yo' biggest fan, I'll folla' you until you love me–
I don't love youuu, like I did... yester-er-da-ay–
I'll keep tossing rocks at 'chur window–
There was a terrible cra-ash–
Romeo take me–
Just around the riverbend–
Soaring, tumbling–
Catch me, as I fall–
Facedown in the di-irt–

I wanna be praised from a new perspective–
Ya beau-ta-faalll–
You set mah soul alive–
It's truuee–
Hey there–
Never mi-ind there's a lake–
Under the sea–
Fishy in the sea–
I feel alone–
When did your heart go missing?–
At my fu-u-ner-ralllll–

And I'd pro-mise you an-y-thing–
You swear on your li-ife–

Now it's raining mo' than eva–
Un-derneath the green~ um-brella–

Cut up all the–
Beef, pork, chicken!–
And scrubbing up the–
Blood, blood, gallons of the stuff!–
From all the hearts and the wrists you allegedly slit–

We sure are in for a show tonight–
So lo-ong, and good ni-ight~~
(Post what relations you see! Btw, none of these songs were made by me AT ALL, just strung together at the top of my head. Please don't sue me... T^T )

6 people actually love us.:

FlossingSunshine said...

hehe. Punishment completed

Dancing Toast said...

But it didn't make much sense.

BouncingWolf said...

Now that it's raining more than eva' .... something... under my umberella ella ella eh eh eh
-Best song ever

BouncingWolf said...

Wow I spelled umbrella wrong.

Geraldine The Chipmunk said...

Your a musical genius.

Enough said.


Also, my word verification is "pluve". New favorite word.

Hikari said...

Yay I'm awesome! ;D