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Friday, August 13, 2010

Amazing blog is amazing.

You do not believe how incredibly funny this blog is :

Usually, when I'm reading something funny, I usually smirk, smile or giggle. But I never laugh outright. This blog made that possible. I was laughing loudly, hysterically, and probably had a weird face on while I laughed like a maniac.

Or at least, it's funny for the Others. You see, the awesome people following this blog are the rare Others. What are Others, you ask? Well, most of the Others are around the ages of 12-15, or just really mature elementary school kids. Have you ever noticed that on TV, there are groups of Preps, Emos/Goths, Jocks/Man-Whores/not-brain-dead-boys-who-are-popular-but-got-so-caught-up-pretending-to-be-stupid-just-to-impress-a-prep-that-the-boy-actually-beacame-stupid, Band, etc.? Well, the others are the ones who don't fit in any of those categories and are actually mature/are academically able/ Nerds/ scorners of popular peoples. If you're a Popular Person, you obviously wouldn't be reading this blog or like it after I've just offended you, so you don't have to pay attention to the awesomest link above. But if you Others ignore that link, you'll be deprived of one of the most famous and funny blogs in the world.

So go read that blog. Now.


Meanwhile, as we finish laughing our noses off, my comment in the below post continues ranting about China. Read my first comment on that post and separate imagination and reality about China. Because China is not full of happy dragons. It's full of a land where a Health and most likely Sanitation Department doesn't exist even in the natives' imagination. But you don't have to, if you don't like me ranting. Just continue imagining that China is a wonderland of culture. But when the day comes that you do visit China, let me know what happened on your trip when you come back. After you survive the rip-off tourist attractions, of course.

4 people actually love us.:

Sharkie said...

i can't believe you hated China that much. Nut i have to take your word for it considering it doesn't look like i will be going to china anytime soon. YAY NEW BLOG!

Mack-Attack said...

Lol. DANCING TOAST??? Best name EVER! :D

Dancing Toast said...

Thank you, Mack-Attack.

Yes, Sharkie. Don't go to China at all. And it's not MY new blog, it's Allie Brosch's, or however you spell her name.

xX_Music_the_Bunni_Xx said...

That blog...
Dude, It's so frickin' funny!
And the pictures >w< so cute and adorable(but also kinda strange =.=;)